All The Steps You Need

Creative Writing 101 

 The basic ground you need to cover before you begin writing, from inspiration to research

1-A: Inspiration: Using Direct Sources

1-B: Inspiration: Using Indirect Sources

1-C: Inspiration: Using Old Sources

1-D: Inspiration: Real Life

1-E: Inspiration: Using Suggested Ideas

2-A: Characters: Crafting Protagonists & Antagonists*

2-B: Summary: Creating a First-Draft Summary

2-C: Characters: Crafting Secondary Characters

2-D: Outline: Creating a First-Draft Outline*

2-E: Conflict: Using Conflict To Pace Your Story

2-F: Research: Deciding What To Research

3-A: Research: How To Research

3-B: Organization: Sorting Materials For Writing

3-C: Word Count: Pacing & Planning Goals*

3-D: Grammar & Spelling: Reference Guide

 *Creative Writing 101 Supplements

2-A Supplemental A:  Protagonists: Details On the Hero's Journey

2-A Supplemental B: Antagonists: Details On the Evil-Overlord's Journey

2-A Supplemental C: Narration: Choosing Your Narrative Style

2-A Supplemental: Characters: Character Bio (DocX Format Here)

Optional Supplemental: Characters: Using Music to Flesh Out Characters

3-C Supplemental A: Word Count: Ranges For All Fiction

Creative Writing 102 


Marketing & Writing Strategies For Novel Publishing

1-A: Intro to Marketing: Building A Fanbase

1-B: Publishing Options 1: Self Publishing vs. Traditional

1-C: Publishing Options 2: Researching Self Publishing vs. Traditional

1-D: Publishing Options 3: Finding literary Agents & Publishers

2-A: Formatting: Basic Manuscript Formatting

2-B: Word Count: Rebudgeting Time Estimates

2-C: Writer's Block: Overcoming Muse Problems

2-D: Editing: Selecting In Media Res Critique Readers

2-E: Research: Updating Research As You Write

2-F: Writing: How to Finish Your First Draft

Creative Writing 103 

Editing A to Z In Preparation For Publication

1-A: Recharging: How to take an active working break that is restful 

1-B: Editing: How to edit for word count (if too high or too low)

1-C: Editing: Editing for content (removing/changing awkward passages)

1-D: Marketing: Heavy marketing gearing up or publishing

1-E: Editing: Preparing critique questions for outside editors

1-F: Editing: Step-By-Step guide to copy editing your own work

1-G: Marketing: Building promotional materials to exist on an existing fanbase

2-A: Editing: Selecting Copy Editors & Content Editors 

2-B: Editing: Resolving Arguments With Critique Readers*

2-C: Basics: Using Downtime To Master Grammar & Punctuation

2-D: Editing: How To Do A Final Edit

3-A: Marketing: Preparing for Copyright Protection

3-B: Marketing: Building The Author Platform

  *Creative Writing 103 Supplements

2-B Supplemental: Critique Questionnaire Design & Download

 Creative Writing 104

 Formatting For Marketing

1-A: Research: Reading the Masters for Marketing Tips

1-B: Formatting: Formatting Your Chapter Headings

1-C: Formatting: Basic Manuscript Formatting

2-A: FormattingFormatting your summary and synopsis to sell

2-B: Marketing: Formatting your  synopsis & extracting a blurb and catchphrase

2-C: Marketing: Finalizing your author platform

  *Creative Writing 104 Supplements

2-A Supplemental 1: Top Books to Study By Popular Genre

2-A Supplemental 2: How Books Are Paced (By Popular Genre)

2-B Supplemental: The Hallmarks of Popular Genres

2-C Supplemental Outside Link: The Best Blog Marketing Insights via BuzzBlogger

 Creative Writing 105

  The Final Steps For Publishing

Agents / Traditional Publishing 

1-1A: QUERY: Letters for Agents/Publishers

1-2A: QUERY: Finding Agents/Publishers

1-3A: AGENTS: What Agents/Publishers Want

2-1A: AGENTS: Productive Turnaround Times

3-1A: AGENTS: Generating New Agent Leads

3-2A: CONTRACTS: Negotiating Agent Contracts & What To Expect

   Indie / Self Publishing

1-1B: COVER: Planning your cover

1-2B: COVER: Image Editing 101

1-3B: COVER: Making Your Cover                   

2-1A: BLURB: Making Your Blurb & Catchphrase

2-2B: FORMATTING: Formatting your eBook Basics

2-2C: FORMATTING: Formatting your eBook Advanced

3-1B: Uploading: Uploading your eBook to Online Retailers Correctly

3-2B: Uploading: Pricing & Resolving eBook Errors

 Creative Writing 106 

   Marketing & Selling Your Book

1-A: Marketing: Social Media, Pre-marketing, and a Marketing Plan

2-A: Marketing: Personal Appearances

2-B: Marketing: Networking