Secret Desires

      Shannon never expected to be so easily seduced by sultry southern nights and hot southern boys.

     Warning! When you read Shannon’s adventure you might just find yourself heading towards New Orleans to find men as scorching as Aiden and Nick!


Graduation came just over one month after her eighteenth birthday. Shannon felt on top of the world. She had gotten the top spot in class, only because her best friend Lucy had gotten a C in biology, refusing to dissect the frog. She was in love with the local golden boy, Aiden LaBeau. Just that morning Big Johnny Parker said that her Mustang was street legal, and he’d thrown in a new exhaust system as a graduation present.

Aiden’s parents were hosting a party for the entire graduating class, a small one at just eighty. The LeBeau’s large house backed up to the swamp like most, but they had a swimming pool, a large patio with a built-in grill, and their house was the biggest in the county. Tan brick and wide with two stories, the front had a porch the length of the building with three swings, and the backyard was as manicured as Louisiana could get.

Shannon had been there many times, and on the second floor that was where she and Aiden had finally gone all the way. Even thinking about it now she blushed. Most of the boys in her class would have made it awkward, but Aiden…so damn near perfect he’d been a gentleman. Oh, he had his dark side, nobody could sulk or brood like the star athlete, and he did insist often on having things his way, but it had been a giddy and wonderful experience.

In fact, she was eager to experience it again. She just needed to work up her courage to tell the gang she was going to school far away. The University of Illinois was offering her a full scholarship for track and field, and with nothing to speak of in savings that could cover tuition, it was an easy decision. And training for the track team was starting soon. Time was slipping away.

Aiden and Lucy were headed to Tulane; her cousin Suzie was working at Doc Chandler’s office already, and Nick…who knew what the bad boy would do? More and more it looked like he’d be working the gator farm on the edge of town, drinking and raising hell in an endless party.

Where was Aiden? Looking over the crowd by the pool she nervously twirled the tiny diamond solitaire, her graduation gift from Charlotte. It had been her grandmother’s, and aside from the car she’d painstakingly worked on for two years it was her dearest possession.

She set her drink down and straightened her party dress. Suzie had helped her sew the lilac sundress, adding some lace at the straps and making the waist empire, so it was suitable for the big bash. It was the second nicest she owned, after the prom dress she had spent hours sewing.

After wading through the familiar faces of classmates she found Aiden in the den, shooting pool with his best friend Nick. As always, her heart skipped a beat. Aiden was tall, broad shouldered, his muscles sturdy and mouth-watering. His slightly feathered golden blond hair shone in the overhead lights and his handsome face was split in a grin.

They’d been friends since second grade, and except for two dates with Stacy Dupree, he hadn’t looked at another girl, and even those were just to make her jealous. He often said he’d been in love with her since he was fifteen, but it had taken her two years after that to see him in a more romantic light. Now she couldn’t imagine him any other way.

She had to handle this carefully. Aiden thought she was considering Tulane as well. And earlier that evening his mother had told her he had gone shopping for a ring. He wanted to get engaged, married after they both graduated law school. It sounded so nice, so wholesome, awfully stable and tempting, words that described Aiden as well. There was one catch: she was also in love with the boy next to him.

Nick was Aiden’s cousin and best friend as well as complete opposite. He was taller, leaner, and harder. He kept his dark hair long and shaggy, wore an earring, and sneered at old men who remembered his father better than he ever could. He had parked with every girl in school but his three female friends, Lucy being another cousin to both men. Both of their mothers were younger sisters of Mr. LaBeau, Aiden’s father.

Aiden had taken off his tie and jacket, rolled his sleeves up to reveal strong forearms. Nick, who’d barely made it to graduation more out of stupid rebellion than a lack of brains, wore his usual black stonewashed jeans and a Judas Priest t-shirt. It was often surprising how those two got along so well. As far as she knew the only thing they had in common was a love of NASCAR, a requirement in southern men.

This could be their last night, she shouldn’t be looking at Nick, even if the dark Cajun had a smirking grin that made her stomach do flips. She had to leave for school soon; there was precious little time to lose. She just wanted some time with Aiden before she told them all. Maybe he would wait for her, maybe not, but she had to get out of tiny Belle Trouver, had to escape the bad reputation her mother had left behind Shannon had worked hard to escape.


They both turned and she forced herself not to glance at Nick. Jerking her head, she indicated upstairs and turned away.

At the foot of the stairs she looked back, expecting some jovial teasing from Nick, but Aiden was following her and Nick’s expression was dark, staring hard at her. Leaning on his cue he somehow managed to look like a lonely lost boy and a hard uncaring man all at once.

Nervously she swallowed and went upstairs to Aiden’s bedroom. This was her first love, intense, beautiful, and painful all in one. The first life lesson her parents had taught her was love didn’t last, and she knew there was an expiration date somewhere out of sight, but she was going to enjoy every moment they got.

He jogged behind her into his bedroom, and once the door closed she was in Aiden’s arms.

“What a night!” He kissed her, and though he was the only man she had ever kissed, she knew he was something special. Her toes curled and her knees went weak until she clung to his shoulders, and the new familiar ache began.

He pulled back but dragged her body against his. “Have I told you, you look beautiful tonight, sweetheart?”

“Only five times,” she smiled back.

He kissed the tip of her nose. “And you lured me to my bedroom why?”

Despite their long love and closeness, she felt herself blush. “I should think it’s obvious.”

“Oh?” he teased, but his eyes darkened and his hands slowly lowered the straps of her dress.

“I couldn’t wait,” she admitted breathily.

“You have no idea…” He leaned down and kissed the bend of her neck.

She gasped and desperate herself, slid her hands under his loose formal white shirt. He was hot, his muscles hard and ridged, and something low and deep turned over inside her. Just as he had before, Aiden moved slowly, deliberately, as if she were precious china. Any time she tried to hurry him, he chuckled deeply and made her slow down.

It was maddening. Finally they made it to the bed and he laid her down, treating her nipples to his mouth. Shannon could only squirm and gasp, dig her nails into his back. She felt him hard against her leg, so thick she ached to have him fill her, but every time she tried to stroke him he moved her hands.

Somewhere in her mind she thought she should object to his gentle control, but it aroused her so much. “Please, Aiden, please!”

He slid his palm up her thigh, teasing her, but in response to her undulating hips his thumb stroked her damp folds. She cried out, biting her lip, knowing they had to be quiet. He teased her further, sliding along her lips, rubbing her clit until she saw stars.

He left her breast achingly wet and tender and slid down to kneel at the side of the bed, jerking her to the edge. His fingers slid inside her as his mouth descended. This act they had mastered together until he knew her perfectly. His tongue was strong and commanding, licking her in long, sure strokes until she was panting, and then he closed his mouth over her clit and began to suck. His clever tongue found the hood and slid it back and forth as much as it could go.

She tightened, rose up, felt a climax coming and yet strained for it. Barely conscious of her actions, she grabbed a pillow and forced it over her mouth as his free hand reached up to tease a nipple.

At last Shannon came, shaking and wailing, rubbing against his face desperate for more, just more of everything. Aiden guided her through the storm, stilling when her hips jerked back, her body too sensitive for long seconds.

Then he stood, walking to his nightstand.

“Wait, Aiden. I’m, uh, I’m on the pill.”

He froze.

“I went to the doctor before my birthday, before we first, um…” she blushed darkly, even as intimate as they were. “It’s been over a month now. I’m safe.”

His expression softened. “Are you sure? We’re not ready to take any big risks.”

“School comes first; I know that better than anyone. I promise you, it’s safe. We’re safe. And I want to…”

He slid the drawer shut and knelt beside her as she sat up. “I love you.”

“And I love you. Now hurry.”

He kissed her again and guided her back against the remaining pillows. Fluidly Aiden covered her and kept kissing her until she felt his cock at her entrance. Pulling his lips from hers their eyes met and then he slid in, inch by inch, stretching her, filling her all the way to her womb.

She gasped and trembled as his body lowered, their arms entwined, and he began to move. It was sweet and slow like that until she was brimming with pleasure, gasping and pleading for more.

Aiden gently rolled them and let her ride him astride, though his hands guided her still uncertain movements. When she found her bliss, he came too. Neither thought to stop their cries as her back arched, and she thought the top would blow off her head.

It had never been like that before, she realized as she collapsed on him. Deftly Aiden rolled her into the crook of his arm, so warm and strong against her. When he leaned over and kissed her temple gently, she knew it would never be like that again.

“There’s something I want to talk to you about in a little while, but for now…thank you, Shannon.” He smoothed her dark hair back and caught her expression. “What’s wrong?”

She would tell them all together. They had to find Suzie, Lucy, and Nick. Safety in numbers, she thought. “It was just so…wonderful.”

“I wish we could stay here all night, but my parents are probably looking for me.”

She hugged him, committing the embrace to memory. “You’re right. And there’s something I want to share with the gang.”

He kissed her deeply before rolling to his feet. Her body still thrummed with pleasure but she ached anew. It would always be like that with him.

“All right, let’s get dressed and rejoin the party.”

She agreed and accepted his help to redress. Once they were righted and she had brushed her hair smooth with his paddle brush, they moved downstairs. The party was still in full swing, with the stereo blaring, half the kids in the pool, swimming in their clothes, and deliriously happy with the official exit from childhood into the world of adults.

“Do me a favor, go find Nick. I’ll find Suzie and Lucy,” Shannon said.

“Oh? What’s this you want to share with us all?”

“I just want the gang together, to talk about summer.”

“You could work with me at my father’s firm, instead of with Big Johnny.”

“It’s not really work. He’s helping me rebuild the Mustang. We’re pretty much done,” she hedged.

He hugged her and kissed the top of her head. “Let’s meet by the barbecue, I’m starving.”

“I’m stuffed.”

He raised a blond brow. “I’m a growing boy.” With a smile he was off.

She looked through the house to no avail and stepped outside, grabbing Chet O’Brien by his hokey suspenders. “Hey, have you seen my cousin or Lucy?”

“I think Suzie’s down by the swamp. Saw her red dress following Henry.”

Henry Burns was a freshman conquest of Suzie’s who’d just had a growth spurt late in the game. She noted he seemed a little tipsy and decided to tell the LeBeaus after she got the gang together.

“Great, thanks.”

As she made her way over the grass towards the coniferous trees her kitten heeled shoes sank into the ground as it softened. The sounds of the swamp were alive, a sound she knew she’d desperately miss. The smell, the sight, the sound, all of it had filled her world in the most important years of her life. She slowed her pace and drank it all in, even the humid press of the air, the sound of a gator tail slapping the water, the mosquitoes buzzing around her. She would miss it as much as her friends. Almost as much as Aiden.

Suddenly a dark figure stepped in front of her. “Cher.” Nick lit a cigarette and it illuminated the narrow, strong lines of his face. He sported a fading black eye from some misadventure, but it suited him in a rakish manner.

“Nick. Uh, Aiden is looking for you. Have you seen Suzie?”

He blew out a puff of smoke and she tried not to wrinkle her nose. Of course the town bad boy smoked. Nick seemed to be studying every cliché like a guidebook.

“What you lookin’ for us for?”

Damn it, his lazy Cajun drawl made shivers run up her spine. Alarm bells rang.

“I want to talk about the summer.”

He scoffed. “No thanks. I look for Suzie, den. People like us have no more summers, we gotta get to real life. College make you different, oui?”

“Oh, can it. Nick, you’ve been acting weird for weeks.”

“Cher.” He stepped closer, still cast mostly in shadows, and he seemed tenser than he had been a moment earlier. “Why is it you met me and Aiden, same day, but you go for him? Why, cher, why?”

Her heart seemed to freeze and speed up at once. Oh no! It was bad enough he crept into her fantasies, but if it was returned…she began to back up. “Nick, you’re my friend.”

“You sure about dat? I see you lookin’ at me.”

“Nick I—” She was cut off when he threw the cigarette away and grabbed her.

His kiss was nothing like Aiden’s. This was a rough conquering, a dark command devoid of the feelings she cherished with Aiden. So why were her knees softening?


Oh, god! She jerked back, panting, and slapped Nick. Aiden stood a few feet away and she blushed. “I…I…”

“Shannon, it’s all right. Nick and I talked about this.”

“What!?” She had never felt more confused.

“Homme here has agreed if you have any feelin’ for me, we share you.”

“Nick!” Aiden chided. “Shannon-”

“No!” She backed away from them both now, palms out. “Nice people-we- people just don’t do that!”

“Same time, double your pleasure,” Nick said, and she flinched at the words.

“Nick if you don’t stop scaring her I will beat you into next week.”

“Think you can take me, homme?”

“Stop it! Stop it, both of you! Is this because of my mother?”

Aiden alone knew her shame, hearing the older residents whisper her mother’s name in shame, telling hushed stories of her chasing married men, juggling multiple men, raising hell.

“Shannon, no. No! It’s what we’d…like. Only if you want it too. Right…Nick?” He kicked his cousin but Nick just hid behind his smirk, his eyes filled with his own insecurities. “Shannon, it was just—”

“I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t.”

She turned and ran. Big Johnny Parker’s auto lot was just up the street from the LeBeau’s and she ran there, getting her Mustang. It just needed a new coat of paint and a new stereo, but the classic ran like a dream. Shaking, tears blooming, she turned into town, but didn’t turn to go off to her home in the swamp. Instead she headed for the highway, and swore she’d never be back.

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