Alas, I lied. I didn't get back on here last week for a blog post. It's been a busy time.

I have a new landlord and I thought I was going to have to move next week, but moving has been put on hold. Great, all that packing for nothing. And I finally had a good second date with a nice guy. Fingers crossed maybe I have a new muse. 

Well, I did finish Love On the Run so the last 4 chapters are up now. Enjoy, my patient friends. I am also greatly pleased that part 3 (chaps 9-12) are still at a perfect 5.00 rating as of today, May 24th 2013. And, if you've read Out Of the Past you'll find a mention of the Kellners and how they're faring. Of course, the connection comes through Henry and yes, as of now I plan to write a fun, exciting story for Henry. As much as I like the bad boys, I have a major soft spot for the Boy Scout types.

I also reworked Hidden Magic and submitted the new shorter version to Red Sage Publishing. If the editor enjoys it and wishes to work with it, it will be coming down so read it now.

I still need to finish Secret Desires but having finished 2 works this week, I am in the mood to goof off. So how do I goof off? I am writing a sequel to The Dryad. Fans have been requesting it and I re-read it and found myself charmed. Yes, my ego is big enough that I can't always fit a hat on my head, but like many authors I do first and foremost try to write stories I enjoy. If I don't like them, why would you?

When writing a sequel to an erotic story where in the first your characters have ended up together is always a challenge. I think I came up with a creative solution, of course I owe it to a brainstorming session with my best friend. She also helped me with ideas on rewriting A Harem Fantasy. If Hidden Magic gets published I want to publish AHF as well and Fey World.They are, after all, a series.

FW is the first and tells of an alien world full of magic with fairies and werewolves. it shows the closing of that era when magic transforms the world. Next in AHF we see their strange evolution. We go from a medieval world to one resembling ancient Egypt and again we see the closing of an era. HM is the final tale and I will only reveal one of the edits: Minn, our heroine, is related to Virtal the Just through her mother's line and Queen Hannah/Anni through her father. 

AHF is going to be a hard edit. As many of you know, I am bisexual (although these days I have decided to have relationships only with men for a variety of reasons, though I am and always will be bisexual). I enjoyed AHF because it has a bisexual heroine. I also wrote it in my own swinger days and my freer sense of sexuality is reflected in Virtal. Maybe I'm getting old and boring, but these days monogamy is all that interests me, but I still write many MFM stories because, hey, we all have our fantasies. However, I want to edit AHF to be a MFM story which means removing a ton of sex scenes/heavily editing them, and I need more plot. As my best friend is an expert on Ancient Egypt she's given me some great ideas.

The next Marly Jackson book is set for September, I am self publishing it once more. Mystery will always be my first love and as my own age approaches Marly's I find myself more and more sympatico with her. 

I hope you enjoy the reading and soon I'll have another Writing 103 lesson up.For my fellow Americans, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, but never forget it is to honor those who died in service to our country. Support our troops, the gods know our gov't is doing little in that direction. So if you love a veteran, celebrate them this weekend, put a smile on their face, and send your thoughts, love, and prayers to those who have fallen. Celebrate life, and all thoe who have touched yours.