It's been over a month since I checked in and I do apologize. I have been full time seeking a full time job, but I'm sure you know that full-time job hunting is more 80 hrs per week than the common 35. 

I have been working on a new chapter of A Deadly Legacy as well as entry for the next literotica contest I hope to have up in the first days of it, but writing has been slow. I hope you understand that with a previous contract job having wound down seeking a new one is a major priority.

As a note to my writer friends, this brings home an important point. It's hard to make a solid living writing fiction so you will need a day job. Balance can be difficult to achieve, but always remember your profession takes precedence. Writing and publishing fiction isn't something you have to rush into. It's better to take your time and turn out a solid product rather than rush, try to sell slop, and let your profession suffer.

So please bear with me, wish me luck, and your patience will be rewarded with a new story and another update this June. Until then, happy writing!