I once wrote how announcing any project before it was completely written dooms it. Seems I'm right.

The next Marly Jackson novel The Violin Case will be coming out in September as planned. By the grace of the gods that hasn't changed, however there are some other changes. After a potential project came up with my copy writing job (telling you about it will doom it, I swear!) the erotic romance I was working on for a publisher has been shelved until 2013.

As such I have a spot of downtime and after some careful thought I've decided to continue reworking James the Butler, which, like Case of the Missing Millionaire, is originally a novella on literotica.com. I will release it for Kindle only this summer, but no firm date is set. If there is too much crossover with the next MJ book I may push the release back until December.

You can read the original 38,000 word story on literotica, but know that just as the Marly Jackson Mysteries the novel will be different with more/different characters, a new plot, and potentially a new ending. For those of you who enjoy my mystery writing more do note this is a work of erotica. If I may dare to say so, it's Black Lace with a plot, so only look into it if erotica is your thing.