Well, it's after midnight, so it's my birthday. I'm not the biggest birthday person in the world so I made my mom's chili today for tomorrow (no cooking tomorrow AND second day chili is always better than fresh). My brother took me hiking Monday and my father may stop by at dinner time with a card. That's about it, and that's how I like my birthday, nice and quiet.

In other news, the thing keeping me from blogging/writing much will be ending this week. Starting next week Writing 102 picks up again and so does the blog. Until then I thank you for your patience.

On site news I have two updates. First, I have been completely remiss in putting up a preview of my published novel Case of the Missing Millionaire so finally at last you can find the first three chapters here.

Also, you can read the first two chapters of Secret Desires, a novel that I will publish in late 2013 or early 2014. The first draft is what you will read here. It is due to be on my literotica.com page soon, but they rejected my first try. *sigh* In the author's note I had written something that I've included in other author's notes on stories I have up and yet it was rejected, so I had to re-edit and resubmit. Each week 2 chapters will go up and they will appear 3-4 days earlier on here than on literotica. The entire novel will appear on for a short while, and the edited version will be on sale in the future.

It's an erotic thriller/mystery about a woman named Shannon who escaped a poor childhood in rural Louisiana to come to Chicago, leaving behind her first love and his best friend with whom she shared mutual lust. Her cousin has gone missing and Shannon,a  process server, is asked to help find her by her aunt. 

Aiden, her first love, is an FBI agent working on the case,tracking the man who disappeared with Shannon's cousin. His best friend Nick, a former bad boy turned local sheriff joins them in their search on the condition Aiden must agree to share Shannon. There is plenty of mfm action and some light m/m so if you're not interested in that, skip it. the plot is complex, it's how I roll, and it's set in LA, primarily New Orleans, a hefty change from my beloved Chicago. I do hope you enjoy!

I also hope this all keeps you entertained. Tomorrow I am taking off for my birthday and the rest of the week I'll be busy, but next week i'll be back, I am 100% sure of it!