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Good news, the unpacking is complete. I have located the Writing 101-105 Lesson plan so new postings will resume. And for now, I have a preview of part 14, aka Chapter 16 So without further ado, here we go:

Three hours later I was in my guest room, a suite in the east wing of the hotel we’d apparently commandeered, and I knew the matching suite in the west wing probably held Malachai. My pack was littered about the room but I had denied entrance to Val or any of the council and their packs. Diego seemed aware of the tension but was blissfully staring out the window at the Alps, whining in excitement over the snow.

After fainting, I had come to on a couch and my pack had kept everyone else at bay. After that Malachai had joined me and the Council and they went over everything they knew.

In short, if anyone does change the past, no one would be aware of it. Say, for example, if someone went back and saved JFK, the world would be vastly different but no one would ever know about all the conspiracy theories. The only way to know if anyone had changed the past was to go directly to the moment they did. A clever and powerful witch or sorcerer would put u a ward to confuse and hide the change, but whoever was doing this completely blocked everyone else.
A long ago Queen had known this. Now they all confessed, but Malachai and a former Queen had once called a similar truce, and with the aid of the Council and three sorcerers chosen as Malachai’s strongest, they had set the wards in place. A complex system of assurances had been created from that meeting, magic threaded through time to prevent major changes.

“There are lines of fate,” Malachai had explained. “They are clear lines tracing history and predicting future what-ifs. There are even lines that connect unrelated past events if a current event may link them,” he had said in a rich baritone.

“Those are the lines we travel on,” Val hurriedly explained.

Shin-Zan, the only one dressed like he had never left his original century, actually turned out to be the only Council member who seemed fully adapted to the present. “Imagine,” he said, translating, “that you are in a cab in New York. If the cab follows only green lights, it determines a path, yes?” He waited for her nod. “Now, watching the cab one might be able to look at all the lights and figure out timing patterns or guess at sensor delays, and plot out the end spot of the cab, right? What is going on is that long ago, a group of us agreed we couldn’t change the lights and set up wards to stop it. Now someone has gone back and changed the lights, and set up a wall around each one so we cannot see just how it was changed or who did it.”

I had finally understood then. “And we are all the passengers in the cab, and with all the normal twists and turns of the drive we don’t notice any changes.”

Now we had all retreated to our separate rooms ostensibly to rest and then enjoy a late supper. I was too wound up. Malachai had given me a look when we left suggesting a private discussion but I was too shaken. 

Someone from the future was changing the past. How did we know it was the future? But alas, no one had a satisfactory explanation for that question I had raised. Time travel was a fucking headache, and I began to wish I had taken many more physics classes back in college.

“You should eat, love,” Julian said with concern.

“You did faint, at least have something to drink, not beer or wine,” Pierre cautioned.

“Anna would you like to step outside?” Andre asked.

I turned to the alpha and realized he understood. I needed quiet and cool air, not hot drinks and a barrage of questions. “Yes, I would. Diego?”

He woofed and jumped down from the chair he’d been standing on.

Liv brought me a heavy shawl I had earlier conjured up and helped me wrap it around my shoulders. Andre opened the balcony door and my familiar and I stepped through.

It was cold here, and despite the vast amount of snow it reminded me of winter in Chicago, their air so impossibly dry and cold, filling ones lungs with every pull like miraculously frozen plasma. It was always a strange sensation given how humid the rest of the year could be, and it made me wonder about this region in summer, how many peaks retained a snow cap. And that made me think about time.

“I am feeling grossly over my h-head,” I said, shivering in the cold air.

Andre came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He had been smart enough to grab a coat, but werewolves did run hot and he readily shared his body heat with me. I leaned back and enjoyed it as Diego wound around our legs, whining slightly in curiosity and mingled fear of the mountains.

“I have always hated traveling in time. Sigrid used to make us do it. I hated it.”


He kissed my temple and pulled me closer. “I hate it because the past holds memories, good r bad, that should remain memories. The future holds promise and wonder. And these things should be left to be what they are.”

“And it also seems,” I added, “that some fools seem bent on changing the memories and promises. But why?”

I thought of Shin-Zan’s car. Perhaps someone had changed the past in order to affect the future..or the present…or the future AND the present. My head began to hurt again.

“I would suggest we order dinner, eat, and then let us help you relax. There’s nothing more we can do tonight.”

“And you poor wolves are starving, I know.” I turned in his arms and looked up into his warm hazel eyes. “Sorry to delay dinner.”

He half-smiled, showing a rare flash of dimple. “We are creatures of great appetites, my sweet. I am sure after dinner there will be other needs.”

I laughed even as my body heated with the oppress of his and those words. “Our world is being gutted and rehabbed without our knowledge, great power being used to do so, and we don’t know yet to what end, and you want to talk about getting laid?”

He kissed my nose and lightly nipped at it as he drew his face back a few inches.  “My queen, if you ever refer to what we do as ‘getting laid’ again I promise you I will make you very sorry and ensure you will never do so again. And tomorrow the hard discussions and investigations begin. You need to be relaxed, and <i>making love</i> relaxes you.”

I was sorely tempted suddenly, to call it getting laid just to see what punishment he had in mind. But simultaneously I could tell there had been a true hard edge of anger behind the word, and I didn’t want to make him actually angry at me. 

“You talk too much,” I finally said softly and pulled his lips down to mine.

There you have it. It's an extra-long one, and thank you for your patience. Tomorrow, the next writing lesson comes, and early next week I am uploading the final chapter of Secret Desires to Literotica. And by then all of A Dangerous Legacy Part 14 should be up. Enjoy!