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Posted by Nora Quick on Thursday, April 26, 2012, In : Strangeness 

As all good starving artists do, I pulled my butt out the fire and here I am, back online. 

The key to dealing with Internet providers: speak softly and carry a fully automatic machine gun

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about an article that caught my attention, written by Ursula K. LeGuin, author of the Earthsea books. For all aspiring authors this is worth reading: check it out here and see the process for how you can easily lose creative control in adaptations of your work. Her biggest...

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Got Paranormal?

Posted by Nora Quick on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 
As a head's up I may not post for several days, all part of the fun of being a starving artist. In my day job we've been between projects for a month now, and my night job...the economy has tanked it, so I've had 0 income for a month. Since food takes precedence my internet bill has been neglected and will be until I can get some scratch together. 

Because you have to be this cute for that line to work

As such I wanted today to be a positive blog. I'm always bitching about bad writing, so I th...

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Writing 101: 1-A Ode to Joy

Posted by Nora Quick on Sunday, April 22, 2012, In : Writing 101 

A series of blog posts I've wished to do are based off my lesson plans from when I taught creative writing. I've been debating for a while, but then Fifty Shades of Grey came along. Oh, I have no intention of reading that crap, and if you like it...sorry, it's crap.

OMG! You mean I can re-read Twilight but there's sex in it? EEEEK! 

I've worked in BDSM and have been a Dominatrix for almost 13 years. As much as I enjoy BDSM I personally prefer Dominant Women/ submissive men which don't sell, so...

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Curse of the Literary Agents

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, April 21, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 
Okay, a quick update as Yola has fucked up my attempted post on literary agents multiple times. So here it is in short:

  • Publishers put out a book that sells well
  • Publishers want more like it
  • Publishers tell editors to find them
  • Literary agents are mostly former editors or copyright lawyers who worked w/ editors/publishers
  • Editors call their friends, literary agents, and say "we want this type of book"
  • Literary agent posts nowhere in ads/website exactly what they are seeking
  • You mail off your manusc...

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A Short Note

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, In : Strangeness 
I wrote a beautiful bog post on agents and traditional publishing. Took me 3 hours to write, edit, format, and find pictures. Yola decided it had to update and told me to save my work. I didn't. Also today my dog got me locked out of the house sans phone or keys for 2 hours. My computer is having severe issues, I have an exposed nerve in my mouth, and I quit smoking.

I am, in short, damn near the breaking point. As such I will re-write that blog post tomorrow. Today I am going to drin...

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Developing A Thick Skin

Posted by Nora Quick on Monday, April 16, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 

Most writers are introverts. No, that doesn't mean we're shy, it just means we work better alone, socializing tires us out, and we always think before we speak. Another trademark for introverts is we do tend to be thin-skinned.

This is a writer's natural sleeping position, with that exact expression


I have yet to hear anything bad about Marly Jackson but since I've taken a break from updating Fey World on, I've been getting many negative comments on my other storie...

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All Things Must Pass

Posted by Nora Quick on Friday, April 13, 2012, In : Writing Advice 

Happy Friday the 13th to you all. For you superstitious ones, avoid black cats today, and don't walk under ladders, or break mirrors. For the rest of us, happy Friday.

Ignore the hoomin, we're not bad luck, we're too busy taking over the Internet


I had an interesting conversation last night over very good beer with a fellow writer, one who's somewhat starting out, who asked a good question (that proved he was a real writer): "How do you stop?" As in, once you get going, and you have to be some...

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Two Legged Lampreys & The Women Who Love Them

Posted by Nora Quick on Tuesday, April 10, 2012, In : Strangeness 

Welcome all, I hope you survived the holiday. Today's post isn't going to be on writing so much, it's more of an update/explanation/rant. Of course a rant. Also, this was originally written on Monday 4/9/12 but Yola had issues that prevented it from being posted until now.


I don't know how computers work exactly, but this seems like a reasonable explanation

First off, to my literotica fans, I do apologize there has been no update on Fey World as promised. Times have been lean on my end and I...

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Zombies, Avian Bunnies, Symbolic Food & War

Posted by Nora Quick on Friday, April 6, 2012, In : Strangeness 

It's that time again, the time a artists fear unless they were born & raised in an artists colony. A holiday that requires family face-time.

In my world family dinners are also known as "troll gatherings." Why do they always ask us atheists to say a prayer, then get pissed when we bow our heads and say "Dear Loki, thanks for nothing!"?

Maybe you celebrate the cosmic Jewish zombie, maybe you're more of the "let's eat ham and pretend bunnies lay eggs" variety, or maybe you get to enjoy the shee...

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2012 Releases Changing

Posted by Nora Quick on Thursday, April 5, 2012, In : Books 
I once wrote how announcing any project before it was completely written dooms it. Seems I'm right.

The next Marly Jackson novel The Violin Case will be coming out in September as planned. By the grace of the gods that hasn't changed, however there are some other changes. After a potential project came up with my copy writing job (telling you about it will doom it, I swear!) the erotic romance I was working on for a publisher has been shelved until 2013.

As such I have a spot of downtime and af...
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Battling The Sexes: Genderbending Writing

Posted by Nora Quick on Monday, April 2, 2012, In : Strangeness 
So...a little divergence for a moment from writing into the land of my personal insanity. First off, I have a shaman named Steve. He's full-blooded Navajo, I just find it hilarious to call him Steve. Now, why a shaman? Well I was raised by hippies, and I am also a licensed therapist. Knowing all the tricks of therapy kind of ruins it, so for my therapy I turned to Navajo shamanism, something my parents touched on in my childhood.

With a childhood that looked like this is it any wonder I retrea...

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