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What's Up Doc? Part 2 of 4

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, In : Writing Advice 
In this installment of examining how psychology can help writing, we’re going to look at some lifelong mental disorders that are surprisingly common in real life. Manic Depression (called bipolar by many), borderline personality disorders, and antisocial personality disorder are all conditions you would think belong only to villains, but they in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM make a sufferer automatically bad (but the last two make going bad much easier). With regular therapy and in many cases medici...

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What's Up Doc? Part 1 of 4

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, October 18, 2014, In : Writing Advice 

My educational background is in psychology, and I went pretty far with it. So often my friends ask me what you can use from psychology in writing fiction. The short answer is: understanding science doesn't have all the answers, and remember that correlation is not causation. However, if they want a long answer, well...there's a lot.

I remember going into an Introduction to Personality class in my undergrad years. The first thing the professor said was "if you're not a psych major, but a writ...

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Book & Story Updates for Late 2014/Early 2015

Posted by Nora Quick on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, In : Books 
It's time to take stock of my life, my writing life. I don't take much stock of my life in general, for in general i leave my livestock alone. However things are gearing up.

Quickly, I have a new story in literotica in the Halloween Contest now, a short erotic horror. Please check out Blood On The Moon and be sure to vote, thanks!

First, updates that are 100% guaranteed:

The Violin Case, the 2nd Marly Jackson Mystery on sale Nov 11th, 2014 for Amazon Kindle

Marly Jackson is back. Still reeling fr...

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Reflections on Plotters Vs Pantsers

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, In : Writing Advice 
I have recently been exposed to the terms plotter and pantser via a Red Sage author questionnaire. Basically a plotter plots everything out in advance and a pantser makes it up as they go along. Let me make clear: I HATE pantsers with the fire of a thousand suns. That is my gut reaction, but let me give you real world examples why being a pantser is horrible for your readers.

First up, let's take an example most people know (but know that I had to vomit about twelve times while writing this): ...

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Writing 103: 3-B: If A Mime Falls In A Forest, What Is the Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Posted by Nora Quick on Friday, October 3, 2014, In : Writing 103 
Well you're on a break from writing and editing now. First up, why the break? The short is you will return to editing again but you need a fresh mind. By now you have read your work so much you'll be tempted to skip parts as you read because you have memorized them. You need a good, productive break to keep your mind engaged elsewhere so when you return for your true, final edit, you will be the most effective.

Sadly, this isn't either type of break

Now is the time to start marketing yourself. ...

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