Welcome back! I finally have any issues worked out with the new layout for editing the site/the blog so regular updates return!

It's been the usual roller coaster ride. I try to be as honest about my life as possible because I know many readers are also writers, and we're all at different points and are always curious about what others experience and what to expect. That being said, some quick updates on life:

I've gotten my depression under control, it seems. I'm sure many of you know I have a background in psychology. Sadly, having that is like being a magician: I can appreciate the talent of other professionals but I just can't suspend my disbelief. So I use a spiritual counselor, a shaman named Steve. Yup, that's right. My full-blooded Navajo friend, Steve. Never fails to make me chuckle.

My progress with him had stagnated so finally he asked me "What would you do if you saw a patient with your symptoms?" I told him, and he said "Go do it." Crazy bastard was right. I won't go into details, because what is right for me is not right for you, and you should seek professional help if you're depressed. But the gist is I have a regular schedule, small phases of goals building up to larger ones, and I have been taking a supplement that has helped remarkably.

I've also been busy lately trying to figure out the writing career. It can get confusing fast.

Back in 2000 I sought getting published. After agents turned me down so fast sometimes I swore it happened before I even sent in my submission, I went straight to a legacy publisher. It ended in a manner where neither party will ever name the other and we stay far away from each other. I got burned out and started writing just for fun. It wasn't until 2010 when I had the time and the wisdom of 30 years on this planet to realize writing was my calling and to pursue it.

After a few more agent rejections, I got bitter. You've seen it in my old posts where I went off on anti-agent rants. It was unfair... somewhat. Some of what I've previously said is true (most of getting an agent is luck you can't control) but they do have an important place. I've come to realize that as I sit here trying desperately to figure out "What next?"

I have some idea. I am very excited that Red Sage has agreed to publish Hidden Magic. Over the moon in fact. See, I discovered Red Sage when the first Secrets came out while I was in high school. I've always liked erotica but too often didn't enjoy the "let's fuck EVERYONE" plot lines, and Secrets was my first experience with erotic romance. I was hooked. Through them I found Emma Holly, MaryJanice Davidson, and Angela Knight, and my life would be so much emptier without them. The thought that I am following in their earliest footsteps makes me grin constantly.

After Hidden Magic I would like to publish another story with them, but have yet to submit it. Partly I want to show a different side. My first Red Sage book is fantasy, sword and sorcery, and in all honesty, a slight parody of romances with gender roles reversed. For all my fellow readers who prefer a woman who can kick ass to a damsel in distress, HM is for you.

The next one I hope to publish is modern, a mystery/thriller and a menage story. Two men, one lucky woman. Why go so different? Well, because I find myself yearning to do something few authors have done: I do not want to be confined to one genre!

Now the crux is that jumping genres doesn't sell well. Why? Bookstores don't like having to stock one author in two or three sections. So I think the best way to go is self-publish my mysteries, direct publish my erotic romances, and seek a larger publishing house for my urban fantasy. Oh, if I can do it some day I want to publish historical romance and sci-fi as well. Maybe even go crazy and publish this YA story that's been in my head for years.

As such, figuring out how to do this calls for an agent. So this year I'll be finding one. And given what I've said in the past, I'll be eating humble pie. Stay tuned for updates on how it goes. All I know to expect is they tell me getting an agent is much easier, once you're already published. So let's find out together!