I’m back, baby!

After a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided to come back to Literotica. I’m staying off the forums. In my wise old age I have learned that the Internet with its anonymity is a playground for assholes, and encourages the darker sides to normal people. As such, I’m no longer participating in forum posts or chains, but I will check it for any private messages/questions.

I miss writing for lit, connecting with my fans, and being able to write shorter stories instead of just focusing on novels.

However, a spot of bad news. I know I left Thief In The Night hanging, and truth be told I haven’t written much past where it left off. I really loved my pulp 80’s novel-style shorts of which it’s the third, but I just am not in the right frame of mind.

I have had some amazing changes in my life. One of the problems…I’m too happy. I finally have my ADHD medicated and under control. After 9 months of therapy my depression is gone. I’m on a small break from my therapist as trial to see if any symptoms come back without seeing her weekly. I’m halfway through, no problems.

I have a new day job that is steady, and awesome. It’s retail, far from the corporate world, but the store is high-end, my fellow employees are amazing (polite, easy to work with, offer constructive criticism and never fail to give a compliment when it’s due), the managers are great (they do not hover or micromanage, but are always there when you need them, and are incredibly understanding and flexible) and most amazing…the customers are the best I have ever had in the retail world. In particular most are children with their parents, and our store blows their minds. Seeing them excited and smiling puts a goofy grin on my face. It’s the first job I have ever had where I find myself getting happier as the train gets nearer and nearer.

In addition I’ve been able to take care of many health problems that have plagued me over the past few years. I’m losing weight, getting back into shape, and doing better than ever. 

Soon, lingering credit problems caused by a divorce (and a petty ex husband) will be gone, and already my finances have greatly improved.

Best yet, the problem roommate whose made my life a living hell for the last two years is moving out! Sadly, so is my best friend and goddaughter, but at last I’ll have a tidy home, with only good, understanding roommates, and the world’s happiest, most awesome dog.

As such…the pulp darkness is missing right now. Instead I feel I have climbed a mountain and can see the road before me more clearly than I have in years.

I know I am sharing a lot more information than I have before, but I do for a good reason. My ability to consistently write has been an issue for at least five years. In that time it was due to:

- Depression (untreated)
- An inconsistent, stressful  2nd job (and a struggling 1st job)
- Declining health (and no insurance)
- Psychotic roommate issues
- Severe credit issues due to identity theft and divorce

Now all that is behind me. So while my new writing may be a bit different than you’re used to, it’s going to be very consistent.

The new series I am introducing is The Fantasy Emporium, a series of shorts on Literotica. I just uploaded the first installment, a non-erotic prequel that explains what the series is. I hope you enjoy it when it goes live, and I look forward to feedback.

And in 2016 Secret Desires will be released by Red Sage (date pending), and I will have the 3rd Marly Jackson novel out in the fall (I am aiming for the first Tuesday in September, the 2nd).

Also, weekly blogs will begin, posted on weekends, and there will still be plenty of writing tips even though Writing 101 is done (and as this year I shall embark on finding an agent I’ll be happy to blog that whole process for my fellow authors).

Stay tuned, and until then, happy reading!