It's time to take stock of my life, my writing life. I don't take much stock of my life in general, for in general i leave my livestock alone. However things are gearing up.

Quickly, I have a new story in literotica in the Halloween Contest now, a short erotic horror. Please check out Blood On The Moon and be sure to vote, thanks!

First, updates that are 100% guaranteed:

The Violin Case, the 2nd Marly Jackson Mystery on sale Nov 11th, 2014 for Amazon Kindle

Marly Jackson is back. Still reeling from her last major case which left her indebted to the mob, the city has shifted. The Italians are on the outs and the Irish are taking over. when the mafia sends a new don over he has one request in order to forgive Marly's hand in having his predecessor jailed: reclaim a stolen violin. In a case spanning twenty years a cavalcade of shady characters comes to town ready to kill to possess the rare violin.

Forced to team with her ex-lover and former partner Finn Marly dodges bullets and flying fists as she uncovers long-buried secrets worth killing for. But nothing is as it seems, everyone is lying, and those involved who don't die go missing rather fast. Can Marly survive ancient vendettas, determined assassins, and ghosts from the past? Will she find the truth in time to save herself and Finn?

Can she save Finn, or has the retiring fence damned them both with his final score?

Hidden Magic, published by Red Sage, on sale Jan 1st, 2015

Minn, an Earless in need of a husband, will face her greatest challenge when breathtaking adventure finds her on a lonely dark road. When a cursed girl crosses her path she is saved by the mysterious and extraordinary Tomass, a sorcerer who reveals his nemesis has entered a plot with hers. Together they join forces to unravel the dark plot of the Duchess Serinne and dark sorcerer M’Graough. Tomass is a man forbidden; a social outcast practicing dangerous magic he can’t possible suit a woman of noble birth, but he is the greatest temptation she will ever face. Trained in the sensual arts Tomass can only raise magic with her help and her body, and every day they spend together she falls deeper under his compelling spell. In a world of swordfights, magic, duels, and epic battles, they must fight for their lives to avert the war to end all wars. But can true love win the day, or is it just another spell to hold them back? When valor and strength means everything to a woman, is she brave enough to find the true strength in surrendering her passions to a demanding man who takes no prisoners?

Secret Desires, published by Red Sage, release Date TBD

Shannon Moreau is called back to her home town of Belle Trouver, LA when her cousin goes missing along with the mayor and town treasury. When she left the night of high school graduation she walked out on her boyfriend Aiden LeBeau and his best friend Nick Roche when they offered her forbidden temptation; a threesome. 

Aiden, the town golden boy, is now a determined FBI agent who helped bring down the Piemente crime family, still hunting the missing don and the Belladonna Killer, a serial killer the Piementes used to control the bayou drug trade. Suzie’s disappearance is linked to his case, and he persuades Shannon to join forces with him and Nick, the former bad boy now parish sheriff tasked with finding Suzie.

As Shannon succumbs to their exotic brand of pleasure, more than old feelings turn up: at every turn danger stalks the trio as family secrets and shocking revelations come to light. As Shannon races to save Suzie’s life, can love take root in the heat of passion?

Now for the planned updates with books and free stories:

Work is under way for the first book for the Something Wicked series. I am on track to complete it by January 1st and send it out. It is a novel of vignettes introducing us to a new supernatural world, and the beleaguered heroine at its center. Alex Bindle has the power to control souls,  a power feared by vampires. Hunted by them she will fight to be free of their world and take revenge on those who have wronged her. However, escape is impossible when an ancient prophecy makes her a mythic figure in vampire society and enemy of the king. But who is the stranger pulling the vampire's strings, andjust what does he hope to gain from torturing Alex?

I have no release date but truthfully it may be two years as the publishing process when going the traditional route can be slow. Check back for updates on the new Urban Fantasy as I'll keep you posted.

Next up is Mystery of the Dryad. It's been years in coming, but I have finally plotted out the sequel to the popular short story The Dryad. We return to Raven and James five years in the future when Raven has retired the Dryad and James' Gryphon has fewer enemies to fight, and we meet another supe from James' family, his cousin Tim. Their relationship growing colder Raven is still horrified when James is kidnapped. Tortured by a serum that drives him mad Shadowmaster, a hero who can control dreams, bridges Raven and James together as raven is blackmailed. What her father Master Bloodless was after is out in the world, and threatens all supes, and James kidnapper wants to possess it. Teamed up with Tim and Shadowmaster Raven races against time, but every dream Shadowmaster bridges brings her closer to dark temptation as their world crumbles around them.

I'll be writing that on the weekends, so look for the first part in late October, 201 or possibly the first week of November, depending on literotica's posting times.

Lastly, I try to write one book and edit another M-F, so I've been writing the first Something Wicked as I edited The Violin Case. While I edit the urban fantasy I will begin work on a rewrite and expansion of A Bad Case of Blackmail, the 3rd Marly Jackson Mystery I plan to self publish in September of 2015.

Aside from that the future literotica stories are not yet planned, except in early 2015 I will come out with a 3rd pulp Novella, a spiritual sequeal to 2012's award-winning Out of the Past and 2013's Love on the Run entitled A Thief In The Night. In it, we see Henry, Jessie's friend and ex from LOTR, travel to Paris where he becomes embroiled with am irresistible and free-spirited jewel thief. Look for that as well uploaded in four parts.

So there you have the plans and what to look forward to and what to catch up on. So happy reading my friends!