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Writing 104: 2-C: Does This Make My Ego Look Fat?

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, In : Writing 104 

In 103-3B we covered how to build your author platform. Now, no matter who you are this is the final step that applies to both independent authors and those seeking traditional legacy publishing until after your book is out and you’ll have to market it yourself no matter what. Next, after we discuss polishing your author platform, you go in different directions.

Oooh, branding! Yeah, it's about this painful

To peek ahead, those seeking traditional publishing must find agents, mail them, and s...

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Writing 104: 2- Supplemental C: Also A $64,000 Pyramid Cheat Sheet

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, January 24, 2015, In : Writing 104 
Hall Marks of the Major Genres:

- Major crime (murder, grand theft, kidnapping, arson, rape)
- Cabal of guilty parties
- Cover up involving official compliance or ignorance
- Protagonist in legal line of work or associated with the law (lawyer, detective, cop, informant, prison guard, etc)
- More MacGuffins than red herrings

- Copious amounts of the tubesteak boogie
- Minimal plot (mainly a series of connect MacGuffins)
- Highly descriptive horizontal mambo scenes with common words (i.e. ...

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Writing 104: 2-B: Want To Buy Some Hair Tonic & Snake Oil?

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, January 24, 2015, In : Writing 104 

You've written and edited your book, you got your summary down pat, and your synopsis is in good shape. everything is formatted. So what's next? It's time to get started on your pitch.

Before we get into making a synopsis that pops, I have some marketing mantras I want you to start thinking about, that will be covered in further lessons.

To sell a book you must:

- Market yourself
- Market your book
- Market your brand

Don't worry, you're about to learn how to be much smoother than this dude

These ar...

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Writing 104: 2-A:Why Fondant is Inedible

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, January 17, 2015, In : Writing 104 

Fondant. Bear with me here, I'm of Irish blood so my stories can sometime wind their way slowly to a point. I was once at an engagement party and there was Rockabilly pin-up girl cake made with vanilla fondant. The parents of the bride cut it, and everyone but me started eating it, fondant and all.

I could only stare. See, chocolate fondant is edible. Vanilla is not. It's a pretty coat you put on a cake to sell it, but you can't eat it.This isn't about old idioms, it's about the art of the sel...

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Writing 104: 1-C: All Cakes Begin with The Same Ingredients

Posted by Nora Quick on Friday, January 9, 2015, In : Writing 104 

Your manuscript is complete in terms of content. I hope you've let that sink in, it is an amazing thing to behold. Now we've laid the ground work for marketing, and it's time to get that manuscript polished and ready. In this step we'll look at basic formatting. The basics apply to self publishing and traditional with only a few differences which will be covered. This may take a long time, anything worth doing is worth doing right, So open up your document (the examples given are using Micros...

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Writing 104: 1-B: Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, December 10, 2014, In : Writing 104 

We've officially entered the basic formatting portion of your book.No matter if you are submitting to an agent or self publishing, you have to do the basic formatting your damn self. First up is creating your chapters.

Before we begin there is a quick checklist you should pay attention to. Did you:

1) Mark breaks in your manuscript as *** and NOT label them as chapters while writing?
2) Read the best example & best seller in your genre and study how those chapter breaks were made?

If you did both...

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Writing 104: 1- Supplemental B: See Dick And Jane Run

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, November 1, 2014, In : Writing 104 
It's time to go over the pacing rules for your genre. You should already know this, meaning you shouldn't write in a genre until you've read the standards of it and have fallen in love with it, but even then  it might just be a set of rules rattling in the back of your mind.

What follows are general guidelines: they are not terribly specific. You'll see sections of the plot and how they are broken up across a story. This is the pattern you should see in your reading and your story should follo...

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Writing 104: 1- Supplemental A: Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Chaucer Come Over

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, November 1, 2014, In : Writing 104 
So you're at the marketing stage, which means you need to read the masters of your genre and learn their tricks. Deconstructing Dickens is a good movie title, but it's what you have to do. You'll be tempted to read your favorites, but try to go for the books of your genre that are the most critically acclaimed or best-selling.

The easiest way to do this is go to, click into your genre, organized by best-selling and note the top, then go to review ranked by top down. That gives you t...

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Writing 104: 1-A: Let's Shove Some Coal Up There And See If We Get A Diamond

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, November 1, 2014, In : Writing 104 
Strictly speaking the old insult popularized in Ferris Bueller's Day Off isn't true: compressing a lump of coal (anally or no) cannot make a diamond. Yes, they both contain carbon, but mother nature made diamonds and your charcoal ain't gonna cut it. Still, the phrase refers to a mindset you should get into as we enter the final editing/beginning marketing stage of your novel. It's time to get Type A!

First off, do you own Mortimer J. Adler's How To Read A Book? If you don't, please buy it or ...

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