Hello my friends! As you know by now Hidden Magic is available in multiple formats for $4.25 at eRedsage or $4.99 for Kindle at Amazon, and for Nook at Barnes & Noble. And I released The Dryad currently available in all eBook formats at Smashwords, soon to be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble plus many others. So I have been busy not only with holiday madness but getting the word out.

I understand as such many of my long-suffering Literotica fans have been wondering about future free writings, particularly Thief In The Night. Have no fear! Barring any major catastrophes, Part III of TITN will be uploaded on February 7th.

And now: my plans for free writing. I am winding down that portion of my career slowly. Over 2015 I will upload the short stories I have wanted to share: the tales of Izzy & Jerome, Spotted Horse & Marie, Dan Forth, and the first Finnegan from the Kate The Kid world. Also the stories of Malachai, Kenneth, and the new princess from A Dangerous Legacy. And lastly, the 4th Pulp Novel Tribute in the loose series of Out Of The Past, Love On The Run, and Thief In The Night.  Aside from that in 2015 I will enter the April Fool’s, Summer Lovin’, Halloween, and Winter Holidays contests (my favorites).

Things can change, but in 2016 I plan to enter the Literotica contests and edit my existing stories. Upon first submission, all my stories that are not contests have been first drafts, but in 2016 I will have them polished up. If I just don’t have the time to do that, I will let you know.

Right now Secret Desires is in the editing stage for Red Sage and I have almost completed the first draft of the first Dark Prophecy novel Something Wicked. I hope to have SW off to an agent in the spring, and SD should be out winter of 2015/16. The next Marly Jackson Mystery, A Bad Case of Blackmail is coming out at the end of summer 2015. So you can see it’s a busy schedule ahead.

So it’s write, write, write for me, not to mention edit, edit, edit. I’ll keep you updated each Monday with personal notes like this including sneak peeks, and every Friday the Writing Lessons continue.

So until then, happy reading!