I have a new story in Literotica's Halloween contest today. (I also submitted the next chapter of Secret Desires, currently available here.)

My regular erotica fans might not be interested in Lust in the City of the Dead-it's an incest story. What!? You may be asking yourself. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. I love reading incest stories.I don't think incest is right, and the reality of it disgusts me. But as a fantasy in pornography, it's titillating.

Let's take a moment to examine why. First off, incest is the only universal taboo. Sex with children is ok in some societies, sex with the dead in others. Humans are weird that way. Incest is the only taboo present in every culture because of the high risk of birth defects. By contrast it's present in almost all royal bloodlines because sometimes siblings breed to keep their offspring's blood pure. Right there it's a contrast:.it exists, but every human knows it's wrong.

It's the single most popular category for erotic fiction, probably because of that. From an early age we associate anything we are exposed to at the time of our awakening sexuality with sex. This is how fetishes are born. If your mother tells you sex is dirty and also that feet are dirty...you might become foot fetishist. Even if you don't have a fetish, you grew up with someone or society telling you sex was dirty, naughty, forbidden. As such, we are all turned on by the forbidden.

Incest being a universal taboo suggests it could be something bred into us by evolution. Enough ancestors knew it was wrong and the idea is bred into us, in short. Therefore, it makes it the most forbidden sexual activity. If forbidden is erotic, and incest is forbidden, therefore...incest is erotic.

It's perfectly fine to have sexual fantasies or thoughts you don't act on. Many women have rape fantasies, but no one truly wants to be raped. Women can be visually aroused by seeing any form of sex, even a woman and an animal, but it doesn't mean she wants to do it. Masturbation is taboo for that very reason: when we are alone we indulge in the fantasies that get us hottest. Sometimes they are dark, and things we feel shame over because we don't truly, in our heart of hearts, want it.

Reading or writing a fantasy is one thing, doing it is another. It's the same with killing someone. How many times have you murdered your boss, coworker, or hated enemy in your mind? Thousands. Never done it for real though, have you?

So if you're curious to read Lust in the City of the Dead, I'll let you know when it's posted. If you can't stomach incest, no worries. It's difficult to write so I think it'll be sparring. I have another one I started some time back about time after Thanksgiving, if I write it I may enter it into the winter contest.

I hope this post got you thinking. Whatever your fantasy is, rock it. Maybe you're the rapist, maybe the victim. Maybe you're fucking a car full of clowns. Maybe you're fisting a long line of midgets. Whatever it is, if it gets you hot, go for it...in your mind only!