Sorry for my absence, and the delay in posting Secret Desires Chapter 13 (now up and available here). I got hit by the flu and was down for the count for 4.5 days. Now I'm playing catch up on all 3 of my jobs. Ugh.


When you're sick you can;t write, you can't do damn near anything


After Thanksgiving, Secret Desires updates will be on hold for all of December so I can turn my attention to final edits and formatting of Wolf Tales Volume I. It's going to get down to the wire.

After that the next Marly Jackson novel The Violin Case will be published March 5th, 2013. I planned originally to publish each volume on September 5th of each year, my birthday, but some delays have happened so this one was pushed back 6 months.It's life and you gotta roll with the punches. Hey, at least I'm faster than George R.R. Martin. I'll probably be 40 before the next Song of Ice & Fire novel comes out.


The face of the most brilliant, diabolical, lazy bastard ever


It's been a very good day and I'm feeling hopeful I can break through my depression. Today is my dog's 5th birthday and things have been going well. Last night I made some cash from my night job, I got some more money this morning. I set my alarm for 6 hours sleep and when the alarm went off my dog gave me the canine equivalent of "awww, mom, five more minutes please!" I turned off the alarm and my phone magically turned off, so we got 8 hours.

I also arranged to get free lunch, free beer, and free dinner tomorrow through my night job. Then I ordered a nice lunch for me & the dog to celebrate his birthday (he got turkey sausage eggs benedict and went into doggie heaven) through GrubHub and won a free drink (I playyed gin rummy and picked the cake card as it was Nik's birthday and it had the freebie). Then I found out I'll have a vacation to Atlanta in December. I also got possibly an 8 hour paying cash gig on Sunday and a one-week extension for my day job writing assignments.


Yes, I kind of feel like this


I know good news doesn't last, and it won't carry me through depression. But tonight, for the first time in months, I'm going to go outside of my house to see friends. Friends are a good way to combat depression. Ultimately the best thing is having long term goals, and that's where I thank the gods for you, my readers. With 2 books coming out in the next 4 months I have real, solid goals, and that will be what kills the darkness encroaching on me.

I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of Secret Desires and soon we can ell enjoy the new books. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.