If I may step into territory most of you will call "conspiracy theorism" I want to talk about how America is a closing society. First I want to you to either read Naomi Wolf's The End of America or if you're feeling more urgent watch her lecture on the topic on youtube here.

This actually does happen, and I'm a person who hates the establishment and pisses off conspiracy theorists with equal abandon. Credit

I won't go into it all, but what concerns me are laws aimed at closing down information. If you write fiction, non fiction, journalism, blogging, this affects you. Take some time to read over the following bills:

Let me just ht the highlights for you, read at your leisure. In short, the government now can use social media to spy on you, as well as track your library card. Any statements you make against the government, no matter how benign, can now be used to declare you as a terrorist. The executive branch of the federal government has unprecedented power to use that branding to arrest, try, convict, and execute any US citizen in secret. If you think this isn't already happening, well, that's why I want you to read or listen to Naomi Wolf.

We're living in a closing society. What does that mean? Well, my fellow Americans, we live in a fascist state, the closing of our society is just the way the government is declaring it. What's that, Facism is Nazism, it's Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet? Okay, the last isn't fair, if you were educated in American public schools you likely have no idea who Pinochet is. Again watch the video or read the book. (Hint...Chile, mass executions at a soccer stadium. Oh, why bother? Our education sucks.)

If you own any other shirt with this guy on it congrats...you're a moron relying on urban Outfitters to teach you history.  Credit


First off, what is fascism? It is absolute power over a society by an executive office, typically one individual. However, you can't get there alone. One traditional hallmark has been the merging of the government and corporations. In the past it's been the government taking over corporations, but America is an innovator. The U.S. Treasury is staffed by primarily ex/current Lehman Brothers employees. The USDA is staffed by Monsanto and Big Pharma employees. Both sides of the aisle have an 80% overlap rate on their top 10 campaign contributors. A disturbingly high amount of legislature and bills are written by lobbyists and not representatives. The corporations have taken over the government. I make no apologies for the following statement: If you're hooked on anti-depressants, shop at Walmart or Target regularly, drive an SUV, and worship you smart phone I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!! 

True terrorists in my eyes are people who moved to the suburbs and bought all this shit, funding the corporatocracy that has subverted the government


We know phones can be tapped, emails can be read.If you are a US citizen and don't know this...I kind of pity you, yet envy your blissful ignorance. Please, do not take my word; read the bills, and watch the movie or read the book. It's not my job to convince you, but to expose you and get you thinking.

What does this mean for authors? Well, for most...nothing. For the fringes, like me, a lot. I write primarily fantasy and science fiction overall because of caution. All my life I have been an anarchist. No, don't believe the BS about us. I do not want chaos or riots. I just do not believe in the concept of states or countries, nor a central government. I believe that people should rule themselves. If one town or settlement wants a republic, the next a democracy, the next a little oligarchy..I believe they have that right.I myself would prefer to live in a commune style settlement with minimal democracy. Dare to dream, I know. Writing from this viewpoint in a modern setting is fairly dangerous these days.

Proof no one understands anarchy. We're not against organization, we're against a universal or semi-universal standard of it. 


As such I have not published many works (I've been aware of government "monitoring" the whole of my life). My first attempt at publishing was a series of novels about American empire, in short. I've had the unique life experience to meet many people who work at various levels for the government and know a lot of creepy things our country does. Don't label me a conspiracy theorist, please. I piss them off as well. I'm that lone "crazy" voice who hates most conspiracy theories because they block the truth as much as the official story.

I hesitate on these stories being posted anywhere because I am afraid of how they might be received. I wrote the first in 1996, a story about how the gov't uses the mob. In 1998 most of what I was written came to light in the "Whitey" Bulger case in Boston. I wrote the second 1996/7 about a case where a CDC concern became militarized. The basic premise played out after hurricane Katrina in 2005 when a FEMA concern became militarized. I wrote the third in 1997/8 about the stock market in something that damn near predicted the crash of 2008. There's more (the sixth story damn near spot-on predicted the invasion of Afghanistan, written in 2000, the reality happened in 2001). Yes, I can prove this, but that's not the point (although I can prove with original computer files, and witnesses including several literary agents). I wrote fiction where my aim was to make people think and it was all based off real things brewing I was told by people in the know. 

So what's the problem? I hate to reference a movie, but Three Days of the Condor is not only an excellent movie with a young Robert Redford (yum!) it shows a facet of the CIA most people never knew existed. They do have employees whose entire job is to read fiction, non fiction, and journalistic articles and periodicals to see if anything mentions something close to an actual operation. Before you'd just be questioned, perhaps have a retraction, or have to update/edit and omit offending information. Now with these bills...you can imagine what could happen. Legally the government could brand you a terrorist, arrest you, try you, and execute you all without anyone ever knowing. they have the legal power for that. How long until they use it? Are they already using it? How will we know?

Every American writer needs to think about this. Now, do we cower or avoid writing these things? That is not the answer! In truth one tactic of a closing society is to make us all think we're being monitored. As Naomi Wolf mentions something like 78% of East German citizens thought they had an Stasi file. At the fall of the Berlin Wall it turned out only 10% did. But if everyone thinks they're being monitored, it's easier for everyone to fall in line.

Turns out these guys were right.   Credit

So what do we do? Personally I advocate common sense above all else. One, if you're writing non fiction or journalism, always check your sources, verify everything. Only say or assert what you can verify and make clear any alleged information is just that. Above all, never under any pressure out your confidential sources. If you are writing fiction and interject anything critical of the government or describe dealing with actual operations, reinforce in your author's note that it is fiction and bears no resemblance to any people living or dead. If you're truly ballsy, remind readers of the first amendment, which protects all speech from gov't censure. Although, as a note, that amendment's been dead for some time. How else do you explain the FCC? Try it, and the only arguments justifyiing it make you sound like an idiot. The founding fathers weren't bug on "ifs" and "buts," if you couldn't tell.

Just be aware of it. Get educated, and I hope you're able to see what's coming down the pipe. And how about we all learn a second language that's useful in Europe. You know, just in case. Hoffen wir, haben wir nicht, es zu benutzen!