Good news all!: The account issues were resolved.

Bad news: my laptop died and I was without a replacement for a week.

Good news: I got my replacement!

Bad news: No new writing lesson today

Good news: I begin the regular Monday rants and weekly writing lessons next week. Thank you for your patience.

Better news: I may have the next installment of Thief In The Night  uploaded to literotica in the next week. 

This is just an insane time for my dayjob. I started my own company, I've been hiring and training and business planning, but soon my schedule will settle to where I can balance things with writing more easily. Of course new writing updates will be slow as I'm coming up on the time to edit Secret Desires for Red Sage, coming out in 2016.

Happy reading, writing, and living, look for a rant Monday 4/27!