As a head's up I may not post for several days, all part of the fun of being a starving artist. In my day job we've been between projects for a month now, and my night job...the economy has tanked it, so I've had 0 income for a month. Since food takes precedence my internet bill has been neglected and will be until I can get some scratch together. 

Because you have to be this cute for that line to work

As such I wanted today to be a positive blog. I'm always bitching about bad writing, so I thought I'd share with you 2 authors I feel you MUST read. Not sure how it cosmically worked, but right after yesterday's post beleaguering Fifty Shades of Grey (fun fact: they want to make a movie of it. Now class, can you tell me the last pure BDSM erotica film to be made by a major studio? 9 1/2 Weeks...which as a BDSM aficionado I found to be lame and offensive) a friend of mine randomly messaged me to ask if 8 million people had asked if I read the book. It started a conversation between us as readers and I championed 2 authors I really, truly love. she championed Christine Feehan whom you know I hate.

Frankly I feel this guy has more depth and dimension than most of her heroes in her vampire stories

ori Handeland is an award-winning author pf paranormal romances. Wait...did I just say romances? Yes, yes I did. She calls her main novels the "Nightcreatue" series and we fans call it the "J├Ąger-Sucher" series. How can I explain them? Well they are all romance novels with incredible writing, excellent plots, and believable characters. What connects them all is a secondary character who runs an organization hunting werewolves and other creatures of the night. The men are alpha, the women are dynamic, the sex is hot, and the plots are tight. Book 10 Moon Cursed has such an inventive plot I loaned it to a male friend who hates romances and he loved it. If any book I've read in the last 10 years could be made into a film I'd pick that one.

Seriously cast Dianna Agron and Richard Madden and give it 1/2 of Avatar's S/E budget and it'd be golden


Kelley Armstrong writes thrillers and urban fantasy novels even more difficult to explain. Her thrillers are great (The Nadia Stafford novels make me squeal like a fangirl) as are all her works, but her Otherworld series cannot be beat. The first two follow Elena, the world's only female werewolf, the next two Paige Winterbourne, a witch, from there we jump to a necromancer, a demon, a ghost/angel, another witch, and back to old protagonists and then onto new. All the protagonists know one another and work together and some novels read like romance novels, some not at all, but all are fun to read. I just got my best friend started on this series and she loves it, and I myself just purchased the 2 bound anthology of shot stories (with an Amazon gift card I rec'd).

They keep changing the cover...the latest looks like those of the Twilight saga. Proof never judge  a book by its cover, this one will rock your world

There are many authors I love but I chose these two because lately people have been assuming I hate all paranormal writing. Nah, I just hate the schlock that makes adolescent girls swoon. 

Please do not take my word for it, read reviews on Amazon, check out these writers for yourself. But if you don't know them, and still think Christine Feehan has anything more to offer the  world, please go broaden your horizons. If you don't see a blog post for a week or two, well, that's the struggle of a starving artist who lives in a shitty neighborhood devoid of any wi-fi hotspots.