Finally! The new hard drive has been installed on my new computer, the OS as well, and all my files got transferred over. However there were some corruptions which delayed everything but now all is sorted out.

One of the corruptions delayed ending Secret Desires which as you know was already delayed. However, the last chapter and a short epilogue have been completed, submitted to but are available now on my site, found HERE. I do hope you enjoy.

Next up on my schedule is another chapter of A Deadly Legacy which I hope will be well received. I was planning to stop writing long erotic novels for last year but couldn't help myself, however I believe I will have to this year. I plan to continue writing erotic short stories, erotic novellas, and contest entries on but the time has come to turn my attention to publishing. Hidden Magic is coming out this year from Red Sage Publishing and I also plan to have the second Marly Jackson novel fully edited and out this spring.

I am also concentrating on my copywriting and planning some big changes. As such, shorter free writing will be the order of the day, and A Deadly Legacy will be the last free novel I plan to publish on the web.

Within the next 48 hours I'll have a new Writing 103 post up, and I plan to out up 2 Writing lessons a week and 2 blog posts like this as well every week. For the moment thanks to a freezing cold Chicago winter I can be constructive with my cabin fever.

So until later, happy reading, and I hope wherever you are the season is treating you well, my friends.