Hello everyone. I have some updates and not all of it is good.

I know my readers are eager for me to finish the last chapter of Secret Desires and write more of A Deadly Legacy but I just can't right now. To be able to write you need stability and free time. I have neither.

I spent the last month working hard on building  foundation for a new company venture in California, one that would give me stability and free time. And now I found out one of my 4 partners was just indicted for tax fraud. So now got a bit of depression going. Lawyers got involved injunctions were filed, and it will be another week until we know if we can go forward with it.

I am still couch surfing, having had no luck finding an apartment I can afford that's not in a ghetto and all my stuff is in storage. I've been ignoring my night job which pays bills as well as ignoring writing, and surprise surprise, I am behind on paying my storage fee and am in panic mode now.

In fact, int he last month, the only real writing work I did was see the art director's first draft of the cover for the forthcoming Hidden Magic. There's nothing like having to compose a polite, assertive, but fair letter to essentially ask "did you even read the questionnaire you sent me?" If you'll recall, my heroine Minn is a lightly tanned, scarred redhead who, due to her position in society, wears white clothes trimmed with the colors of her house. They sent me a Latina with dark brown hear wearing black leather. Nothing wrong with that, but don;t you hate seeing a person on a  cover and reading the book to find that looks nothing like the character? Pisses me off royally as a reader, I'd rather have no person on the cover. So back to the drawing board we go.

This week I am working on marketing myself at my night job. I need a client in 4 days or I lose everything I own. Oh, life. I also need to find an apartment by Saturday, the friends I am planning to move with have until then before the new landlord that bought their place kicks them out so he can move in. then next week I should know what's happening with the California company. Once all that is settled, then I will have time to write.

Don't think I am shirking writing on purpose. I dream about my characters, I think of them on the train, I discuss the plots with friends when we share a smoke break. I just do not have the time to write. So give me two weeks and I'll have something for you. Your patience is very much appreciated, thank you dear friends.