Oh, by the gods, December 13th was an amazingly tough day. I really went through the emotional wringer.

I woke up to an email from Amazon saying A) Some stories from Wolf Tales Volume I had been plagiarized and stolen, and were on the web and B) They were blocking WTVI from publication because they doubted I was the copyright holder. Essentially, I was the victim of a crime, and being punished for it.

I have a temper that in my younger years was a thing of legend. I've worked hard to tamp it down in my adult years, and the result is an unusually long fuse. But once I get pissed off...it's not good. So I went into my bedroom, screamed at the top of my lungs, and punched the living hell out of my mattress and pillows. As an aside, latex mattresses are great for people with bad tempers and bad backs. Once I burst a pillow, I got smart. I called my real estate lawyer who recommended a copyright lawyer to me, and that lawyer and I worked out a deal. After a 5 minute phone call to Amazon, they agreed to publish if I made Google take down all the links to the 404 pages, and my lawyer cc'd them his injunctions to the plagiarists. 

So I did. It took a long-ass time, but I made 47 requests for removals of dead links to Google, and my new lawyer had to serve 4 people with injunctions. I should take it as flattery, but some of these sites copied & pasted the exact text of the stories, including the first line that said "Copyright Nora Quick 2011."

So I calmed down, petted my dog, and meditated. Then it was time to go to my second job. While there, it's a policy that if I smoke, I alert the alcoholic the rents the back half of the office as a crash pad...it's a truly strange situation. I did, and she picked a fight. She called me a name, accused me of something, and when I asked her to clarify she stated I was calling the property owner a liar. Before I could reply to say "What?" as I was truly confused, she slammed a door in my face. I had an hour of panic while meeting with a client thinking I was about to lose my job. So I'd gone from anger to calm to panic. I took a deep breath, and called the property owner ASAP after my client left and by sheer luck, the alcoholic had called him and was audibly drunk, so he sided with me. Near-miss.

Once feeling calm, I left work to join some friends for a few beers and conversation. Along the way I called my brother, and got horrible news. His adorable little dog, only 3, sweet as can be, was poisoned with strychnine, and suffered so much brain damage he had to be put down. I really loved that little guy, and we often referred to grim that he was my dog Nikolai's cousin. At this point I've been on emotional roller-coaster and this just hit me hard.

I saw my friends, stayed for thirty minutes, and feeling on the verge of collapse, came home. Immediately, I found another email that WTVI was about to be published. So, from angry to relieved to anxious to relieved to depressed to hopeful. Gah! Not twenty minutes later, another email from Amazon: WTVI was being blocked...again...my lawyer had misspelled one of the plagiarist's website's URL. So I buckled down, contacted him, got it fixed.

By 1a.m. I'd been so wrung out there was only one cure: 1970's country music and vodka. So I spent the night listening to Bobbie Gentry and drinking vodka because frankly, I was too stressed to sleep, and I feel I'm entitled to a little insanity. 

Now at 8a.m. finally...it's gone live. Wolf Tales Volume I is now on sale for Kindle at Amazon at fucking last. And I'm sober again, ran out of Bobbie's catalog to listen to, and as such, it's time to pass out.

I learned a few things with my second book I didn't know with the first and my Writing 105 series, still in the works, will reflect these lessons. One thing I learned: editing isn't the hardest part of writing for a living, publishing is. It fucking sucks. Sorry there are no pictures with this story, I'm just too tired.

I hope you enjoy the book!