A friend in need is a fiend indeed. Let me state first and foremost I love my friends, many like siblings, but god, having a social life precludes being productive, particularly with writing.


Seriously, does work look appealing compared to this?


I really think college is valuable in only one way: it teaches us we only have time to fully enjoy two things. Want to do well in school and have friends? No sleep for you. Want to have good grades and a full nights sleep? Gotta be lonely. Want to sleep and have an active social circle? Prepare to drop out. Adult life is very much that way. The true way to know you're an adult is when you begin prizing sleep as much as work and friends.I'm not ready to grow up fully.

As such I go through cycles where I have 2, and it's trying. Back in my college days I could do speed, so sleep became unnecessary. I try to live healthier now but it ain't easy. As such I'll go through a month of work and sleep, then I need a couple weeks of friends and sleep, a couple days a month I can do friends and work. 


Science! If it's in a graph, it's true


Writing can be a tougher challenge with a day job, and that's what's getting me lately. This weekend just had to write a business  plan for job #2 and it's going to require some hard work. As a word of warning, I still plan to publish 2 books a year, but my literotica writing may slow down some. Balance: I need it.

I've been struggling with what to post on literotica in the future. I didn't plan to post a novel-length work like Secret Desires but since it was a work in progress and I had nothing new up it went. I'd planned to do novellas like Morrigan's Curse but I am now thinking in the future shorter one-off stories might be better.

No matter what I do enjoy writing erotica, of course it's more I enjoy writing erotic fiction. I do like sex in stories, but the key word to me is stories. Mysteries, epics, romance, these are my bread and butter, and indeed they're harder to work into short-short stories. So I'm figuring out my literotica future.


She just keeps telling me that in my immediate future my credit card will be over-limit


The good news is I've nailed down the future of my 3 jobs (which sounds like the worst sitcom ever), so now all that's left is planning out my free writing. On the book side I will release a new Marly Jackson novel every year as well as an erotic novel or volume or short stories. On the literotica side...I'm not sure. when I open up my volume of stories I've started and never got more than 1-2 chapters in (or in some cases 8) I have enough to go a few years. Perhaps I'll just clean up the old starter file.

No matter what, I will finish Secret Desires first, however there will be a hiatus in December. This means 1 more chapter in November then no more until January. Sorry for that, but I have to finish the last brand new short story for Wolf Tales Volume One and edit it all, format it, and get 'r done.

So happy reading, and my next post will be after Thanksgiving. Please remember to celebrate in the traditional way; go to your neighbor's house, bring food, and in the next few years claim their house and give them infected blankets. No, seriously, for my American friends, try to be thankful for what you have this Turkey Day, but please remember all those in the world and even at home that don't have as much to be thankful for.


Enjoy the holiday


Then enjoy an escape from reality into fiction. Happy reading!