All right, first a few updates for my literotica fans & loyal readers: The new chapter of Secret Desires (found here - permalink) will be on lit soon. Postings on lit are slow because they always slow during contests. This was supposed to be the final chapter of the story but I found I couldn't bring emotional closure that fast so there is 1 more coming.

A Dangerous Legacy will not appear on this site, merely on Literotica. Frankly, it's a mess and shaping up to be huge and I really don't have the stamina to format it for literotica and my own site. as of today twelve chapters have been written and will be uploaded to literotica every Sunday.  I write new chapters when I have time, of which I have little.

I lost my copywriting job mainly due to the fact the company was run by monkeys and there was never enough work. Their solution was to make all copywriters re-take a test on their style guide without letting us read the new style guide. So I quit. What the hell, haven't made any money off them in a couple of months.

My night job has been busy but not productive, and now I may be entering a new business venture. I am meeting with a potential partner and soon, if we go ahead, we'll begin courting investors. As such, writing may slowdown.

The next Marly Jackson is slated for this year and Hidden Magic will be published by Red Sage sometime after December. Other than that, literotica writing may slow down. I can sleep when i'm dead but I do need bathroom and food breaks which means I really have to pare down responsibilities and focus.

As such, A Dangerous Legacy may be the only long serial story I post. Like all writers, sometimes I need to blow off steam and write a short story, and any that I feel would work for literotica I will post there. I can feel a sequel to The Dryad calling to me. But who knows what time I'll have?

I will try to post 3-4 new Writing 103 & 104 lessons on here but sadly I can guarantee nothing. Right now everything is up in the air and making plans means answering a question only to uncover twelve new ones. I'll keep you updated, but know the finale of Secret Desires is coming and there are 6 more chapters of A Dangerous Legacy in existence to read. 

Until later, happy reading!