I've been having some problems for a few weeks now. There was an account error with my bank and my account will be frozen for another week getting unscrewed. As such my payment for the service that allows the mobile version of this site didn't go through, and I can't get Yola to accept a one-time payment of a Visa gift card the way all my other bills have.

As such, I hate to say it, but it seems prudent to hold off on adding new rants and writing lessons until I get this fixed.

Hopefully this week either the bank fixes the error and frees up my debit card or I'll surrender, give cash to a friend and use their card. *sracasm alert* Thank you, Yola, for being less understanding than the goddamn gas company or AT&T, you know, companies long-known to be evil. Thanks for making them look good.

So enjoy the time off, and hopefully by this Friday all resumes. Until then, happy reading and writing.