Hello my faithful friends.

Once more I must apologize for a long absence. Working three jobs eats up my time, and doing such while battling depression is a challenge. It's gotten worse lately, just too many things going wrong, and last weekend a friend of mine was murdered. There are no leads on her killer but we've managed to raise money to help her family and are now working on putting together reward money for information on her killer.

It's a lot to deal with. I retreated into a strange kind of happy place. I found the complete track listing for Time Life's A.M. Gold of the 70's and made a playlist on Youtube of 200 tracks. I also re-read the entire Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon up to Acheron, the last one I have. I discovered I like the books better than I remember and just bought all the ones that came after (the secret is to treat them as sci-fi and try to ignore the romance, the story arcs are better than the romance).

I also discovered I have a disturbingly high count of crushes on dead English musicians from the 70's. Ah, well.

Several of the songs combined in my head with other snippets in my life. The best one-night stand of my life was with a jazz pianist. He was French, his day job was college professor of calculus, no kidding, and he'd taken sabbatical to play a few jazz gigs in the US. I met him at the Green Mill, bought him a drink, bought him tacos, we had great sex, and in the morning he made me an omelette and fucked off. Now, if only more men were like that I'd be a happy camper. I combined this with some thoughts on Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" and details from a relationship one friend had, and biographical details from another friend. The end result was a quick short story The Break-Up. It's 6,000 words and up on my site now, it will be on literotica.com soon.

Strangely with everything going on lately I've been in a very dark mood, yet this story isn't dark. It's actually quite a bit fluffier than my usual. No mystery, no action, no suspense, nothing paranormal, just two people having some interesting sex even as they fuck up their relationship in the same way most people do. I'll let you decide if the ending is a happy one.

I also have 2 more chapters of Love on The Run up now (chapters 9 and 10). I hope you enjoy these musings. I'll keep working on more chapters of existing stories for you, but it may take a while. I have terrible insomnia due to the stress which means all kinds of interesting things like conversations with hallucinations and being unable to tell if a phone call happened in reality or a dream. Ah, such is life.

Weirdly it's stimulating my need to create, perhaps an escape into fantasy is what I need. I'll muddle through and hopefully have something new for you guys soon again. Until then, happy reading!