I have a lot of projects on my table right now, so I wanted to keep you abreast.

The Violin Case was just featured on The Indie Spotlight

Hidden Magic has been released by Red Sage and is available in many formats, all digital

Case of the Missing Millionaire has been released as a paperback for my fellow Ludditic bibliophiles

The Dryad has been pushed back, the free eBook short story will be released 1/08/15

And that's what;'s happening with my books. As for free writing, I had to pause for the holiday madness, but I am currently working on a piece for Literotica's Valentine's Day contest. Once that is done work resumes on Thief In The Night and part III will be up be the end of January 2015. 

Also, Love On The Run won 1st place in a Reader's  Choice contest on Literotica as did Out Of The Past over the holidays, the 2 novellas that are precursors to Thief In the Night.This special trilogy should be wrapped up by end of February, three stories that are my odes to the great pukp novels of the 1980's.

All along work continues on my urban fantasy Something Wicked, the first novel of the Dark Prophecy Series. Rest assured I am hard at work but things are a bit slow since with three new books out promotion will take a lot of my time. Don;t worry, you'll read all about was the Creative Writing lessons progress (a new lesson should appear every Friday) and we start entering the marketing phase of writing books.

So until the next vittle to appear, happy reading, and I hope those of you in the snowy areas of the world are keeping warm, and I do hope each and every one of you has a great new year!