Halloween is almost here. It's time for parties, costumes, candy, and scary movies. Is there any better time of year? No! Well, mayhaps you celebrate Christmas (I don't) and get lots of gifts, but then you have to spend all that money and time getting gifts to exchange. While you'll be doing that I'll relaxing.

For the next week the blog will be sparing because I have something planned for every day from tomorrow, Friday 10/26 through the following weekend. I do apologize the past 2 weeks have been sparing, but I've been hard at work editing Wolf Tales Volume I. 

Here's the lineup:

The Claiming
This is the heavily re-worked now 30,000 word version of the story previously on Literotica. It's the story of Shaylee, Beta to Jon's alpha sent to investigate an anomaly that could shake the werewolf world. The mystery is Kyle- just who and what is he really? And how can Shaylee resist him?

The Beginning
A short, short story coming in at about 2,500 words it's the story of Jon the oldest living werewolf. It's his turning set 9,000 B.C.E. and introduces us to the first pack.

The Curse 
In 5,000 words we find huge clues to Jon's past and the pack's future. One night in Ireland he meets the love of his life. The 7,000 year old werewolf falls for a young witch who saves him from the dark fate awaiting the rest of the first pack.

The Legacy
You may recognize this 30,000 word story as the heavily revised The Craving from Literotica. Alexia has been different all her life, but now the master jewel thief is being blackmailed, and her only hope is the mysterious Lars. Caught in a web of secrets and intrigue, when Alexia discovers her past she changes her fate forever.

The Magic
This story is the reworked tale of the same name on Literotica. Pared down to 30,000 it is lightly revised and heavily edited. In this story pack wolf Koray uncovers a four hundred year old mystery. But just as he finds his long lost love Elizabeth, will he lose her again to a demon?

The Lost
We meet Valentina, pack wolf of Jon's pack, and the newly turned Latent Alejandro. One a chase around the world Valentina begins the furious search for dahlia, the prodigal and mad werewolf who has touched all the lives of the pack wolves. Across American and Europe Alejandro chases Valentina in a cat-and-mouse game as she discovers the fate of Dahlia, and just what it means to be an Omega.

Now we'll have 3 brand new, never-before-published stories and 3 edited stories. It will go on sale in December 2012. Until then once more I ask for help in voting for my stories in the Literotica 2012 Halloween Contest.

Something Wicked This Way Came: Short, erotic horror: straight

Lust in the City of the Dead: Short, incest, straight (brother/sister)

In the words of my Irish American ancestors, every vote counts, so vote early and vote often. Thanks!