Well, it's become official. I am moving to Los Angeles. I'm not sure when, it depends on a few factors, but soon if I can. As such that will mean a decrease in writing, I have stuff to pack, stuff to sell, money to make, a storage unit to secure, and a new job to find.

I'll have to focus on keeping The Violin Case on schedule which means my Literotica writing will be slowed down. Sorry for that, but life happens.

In the meantime, I'm glad to see haters are emerging on Literotica. It's about time I got some non anonymous hate! I take it as a compliment. Love me or hate me, just don't ignore me. I am afraid my temper got snarky in dealing with the haters, but for those of you following along my blog, I've got my back to the wall, and I've never been the type to be gracious with those who insult me. Alas, had 3 registered users swear never to read my work again. Gee...that'll hurt. Each story has an average of 15,000 views, so those 3 will really matter.

Ah, well. I've got no time right now to deal with petty issues. In truth I might have taken them a bit more seriously if they had pronounced my name correctly. Nah, not true. Nice has never been the best word to describe me. Pragmatic is the number one, and my friends describe me as pragmatic, loyal, strong, and fun. Most people who just meet me describe me as pragmatic, smart, and hard-assed. I'm happy with that, so I'm not changing jack shit.

This is why writing Marly Jackson right now works. Just as people credit Nick Charles as Dashiell Hammett's best protagonist as he was basically Dashiell on paper, so I modeled Marly. She smokes the same cigarettes as me, dresses like me, talks like me, is my height, drives the same car I used to. She has my fear of commitment, my mercurial business sense, and my pattern of thought. We have plenty of differences, but they're fairly superficial. 

So to anyone who thinks calling me a bitch is insulting, realize that when dozens of people called Marly that I took it up as my mantle. Love me or hate me, just don't ignore me...the mantra of any good writer.

There will be another Secret Desires chapter this month as well as Part 2 of Love on the Run but other than that it'll be quiet on literotica. In the next couples days the writing lessons will continue. Everything will be normal but slow, and then I'll be off for two weeks. Before I move to L.A. I'll need to visit, secure a job, find housing, all that jazz, so for that time, I'll be in the wind. That'll be in February.

So until then, happy reading!