Sorry for the delay in posting. as my previous entries told you, life has been very busy. The house my apartment is in was sold, my roommates are gone, and I am living alone, at least that's relaxing. Looks like my move to CA will be in March, still not sure.

Also, in my night job, I've hired 3 new people and have been training them so my time is fairly limited.

As such, major changes to publishing. First, the bad news: The Violin Case has been delayed again. I'm not going to give a publishing date estimate but I can guarantee it will be out in 2013. 

But there is good news for my Literotica fans: Darkness Calling will be expanded, edited, and published! This award winning story (2nd place in Literotica's 2007 Reader's Choice Awards), as many of you know, was very difficult for me to write. I truly have had a love/hate relationship. At one point I took a mutli-year break and only finsished it (bitching and moaning all the while) when I was inundated with threatening fan letters demanding a conclusion.

The issue that made me dislike it is over and done in my life, and has been for some time. Still, I needed time to come back to it. I really didn't like the ending I gave it originally, I always felt it was a little too dark and chaotic, as well as rushed. Truthfully I can't remember the original planned ending.

The project was always special. I broke my own rules of writing when I wrote it. Basically I had a dream that was detailed. In it, I was a young woman living among witches, and I met a man (who was my then-boyfriend and now ex-husband in real life) who was an older, more powerful witch. In the dream, much as in real life at the time, I worked as a waitrress at my college faculty dining hall, and the hero of the dream was a guest speaker. We had a torrid affair, I discovered I had power and...years later I can't remember how the dream ended.

I started writing it immediately and wrote an entire 40,000 word short story...that I disliked. I still have it. It's just not enough of some things and too much of others, didn't feel right. So I started re-writing it and out came Darkness Calling. The plot of the short story was basically the dream, then we went to a cabin in the woods, I mastered magic, and he was kidnapped by a dark wizard and I had to get him back. As much as my subconscious prefers to be the knight in shining armor rather than any man, I know readers don't quite agree.

So I re-wrote it cold. No guide. Nothing. It was all stream-of-consciousness. It worked for a while but then as I was writing it...things went south and my then-husband became my ex-husband. The problem was, at the time, writing it made me feel like I was trying to force us together when in real life all I wanted to do was run screaming from him.

So my heart and soul did not go into the ending when I caved to pressure. Still, thank you for forcing me to do it. For a time I pulled into myself and I forgot that a large part of the joy of writing is sharing your work with readers.

For some time now things have been good with my ex-husband. We're friendly, and it's not awkward to see each other (which we have to do since we still jointly own property). In fact today we just texted about our dogs, his dog is my dog's littermate. Hell, I even like his girlfriend, the one he left me for. It's life. I'm 100% single and actually pretty happy that way, and there's no lingering issues from any ex.

Since I'm in neutral ground I can take a step back and see where I made Soren & Selene different enough that I don't see Nora and Eric when I look at them. Still there are 40,000 more words to add, a plot to tighten up, and lots of editing to do. as soon as there's more information on, I'll let you know.

Until then, happy reading & writing, my friends!