First up, I have finished the content editing on Secret Desires, which is currently due out in December of 2016, but that is not final and we may actually have a release date in October depending on red Sage's schedule.

On the other hand, you can see I have not been blogging, posting to literotica, or otherwise active as of late. Sadly, in addition to working a demanding job and sending all my spare time hunting for a new one. In addition, I have had some serious health issues.

I discovered I am non-diabetic hypoglycemic. It turns out I always was, mildly (in retrospect, I don;t know other people who fainted due to not eating as much as I did growing up) and getting that under control took a lot of experimentation. And most recently, I endured an episode you wouldn't even believe in one of my novels, and all I can say is,  get to urgent care off the ER after an animal bite, always.

I'm working on a few ideas, and I am going to be publishing paper copies of my existing self-published eBooks this summer, all while working on a new novel. And I plan to start, in August, uploading a new chapter a week of a novella I have been working on and am 60% finished with currently.

Thank you for hanging in there!