Hello my faithful friends. First off, Chapter 14 of A Dangerous Legacy is now up on Literotica, I hope you enjoy. Chapter 15 was submitted 4 days ago so it should be up soon.

Secondly...my summer won't end, and that's why I haven't been posting.

Back in May my old apartment building got bought and, just my luck, the new owner decided he wanted to live in my apartment. So I got an eviction notice that didn't ask for money, just moving. Try as I might, I couldn't find a new place because rents in Chicago are rising ridiculously high. So I went to couch surf with a couple friends literally moving the last of my stuff out as the sheriff arrived, but at least it was the same for my neighbors. Boy, that was strange and confusing.

By then it was mid-June and an opportunity came my way to form a partnership and move to California in December. Since the job market sucks in Chicago plus, y'know, winter, I jumped on it.I brought my 2 best friends into it and we decided since they had to move as well, let's all band together and find a place temporarily here.

Then another friend from my high school days I've stayed in touch with joined. with 4 of us we could have afforded a house, and since we'd be bringing along a dog, cat, small child, and elderly disabled woman, a house seemed awesome. However, by early July, the high school friend had a nit off a breakdown, and dropped out. I should have sen this coming, her nickname has always been "The Flake."

So that hurt our options, but we kept looking. Meanwhile, the landlord of the place I was couchsurfing had it, as the girlfriend of one of my friends was also couchsurfing. Four people in a two bedroom was fun, especially with bathroom rotations. Well, at least it made me feel like I w as in college again, but in all fairness, I hated the dorms so I escaped to a sorority house, hated that and got my own apartment lickety-split. I am not a people person.

So I had to move, and ended up staying with some friends that have a house and an actual guest room. That was July 21st. It's now November 1st and I am still here. Oh, we found a place but have to coordinate 2 moves, getting utilities turned on, and so much other stuff it feels right now like cleaning out the Aegean stables. And also my partner in the California venture was recently indicted for tax fraud from a previous business, so we've been legally dissolving the partnership. Yay! (sarcasm).

The worst thing is that all my stuff is in storage. The lesson plans for the writing series I post on here. My bed. My fall, winter, and spring clothes. See, it's averaging 36 degrees Fahrenheit over night and all I have is my summer wardrobe. Lucky for me it was kind of cold back in June so I have 1 short sleeve sweatshirt hoody and a lightweight trench coat, but other than that I am freezing my ass off when I go outside. I want long sleeves and gloves, damn it!

It's not helping my depression any, or at least I don't think so. All my sleeping could be due to something else. Turns out, I just discovered, all my various health problems are due to one cause: candida. See, that's yeast, and you naturally have it in your system. Almost two years ago I got a bad bacterial infection that went systemic and had to take Cipro to stave off sepsis. Turns out Cipro killed so much of the good bacteria now I am overrun with candida. This is why my ulcer and allergy medications don't seem to be working, why my asthma is five times as bad as it used to be, why I suddenly seem to have IBS, why I developed eczema and seborrheic dermatitis (think the dandruff that ate Ohio), why I am bloaty and lethargic all the time, and why I sleep almost as much as my dog. Turns out I hate 100% of the symptom checklist.  Yay me! (sarcasm).

So...great!? One cause means one solution, right? ...Except the only solution is to starve the candida to death. Which means no carbs and no sugar for 2 months, gotta check in with a doctor and go from there. And I have to use coal tar shampoo which smells AWFUL and scrub myself 1-2x/day with salicylic acid. Party! (sarcasm).

The problem is not avoiding sugar, I can do that. I can even go without bread (American bread has way too much sugar.  for fun, if you have a foreign friend whose never had American food give them a slice of plain ol American white bread and watch them turn an interesting shade of green. Then to finish it off, make them a grilled cheese with Kraft slices. If they say you're still friends after, they're a keeper.) Sorry to digress. Now, I can avoid bread, cakes, pastries, sugar, soda pop, all that, but...potatoes?

I was raised in an Irish-American household, with Irish blood in my veins. Go without potatoes? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Someone suggested to me boiling cauliflower, mashing it, and treating it like mashed potatoes. I almost killed them. Please understand the esteem for potatoes which I hold.  Did you know if all you ate were brown potatoes with butter (and you ate the damn skins like you're supposed to) you could live on that forever? Did you know potatoes are one of the most versatile foods on the market? I mean, their starch can make sweets, they can be a side dish, a main dish, or an ingredient. I own 3 cookbooks solely about potatoes. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT POTATOES!

The nurse practitioner who informed me of my problem told me, "Cheer up, you're gonna eat only meat and vegetables, so you can have as much bacon as you want."

"But won't that give me a heart attack?" I replied.

She laughed and said, "You're a smoker, that boat's already sailed."

I think I must seriously rethink my life. 

So I'm trying to write but ADL s about the only current out-there story holding my interest. My problem with writing the final chapter of Secret Desires is hard to admit, but...it's all about Aiden. I don't like Aiden. I created him, and I don't like him. That feels as horrible as saying you don't like one of your children, but it happens. He's just so....wishy washy, to me. And I wrote him that way on purpose! Don't ask me to explain this, he's a beta male, and in real life I vastly prefer beta males, but in the story....meh. It just feels like he's a square peg in the land of round holes. I'm trying, but I write half a page a day and I have 15 to go, so soon. All I can say is...soon.

In the meantime I am starting up a new one in the loosely connected series comprised so far of Out Of the Past and Love On the Run. It's called Thief In the Night and it's the story of Henry, Jessie's first love in LOTR and friend to Sebastian of OOTP. I don't why, but I gave this series an 80's theme. OOTP was structured like an 80's melodramatic pulp book (think by Joan Collins, yes, I meant Joan), LOTR was structured like an 80's contemporary romance novel (think the early Silhouette series, but you know, more feminist), and TITN is structured like a fish-out-of-water drama, which was big in movies of the 60's and they tried to bring it back in the 80's. However, the ones in the 80's with a too much of comedrama bent flopped (do you even remember Hiding Out?, and the melodramatic or purely comedic ones did okay, I always liked Romancing The Stone or Jewel Of the Nile). If I had to sell it like a marketing person I'd say "A strait-laced lawyer is hired to help a thief seeking the ultimate prize: vengeance."

I'll post it soon, but I want it half written before it goes live. In November there will be chapters  15 and 16 of ADL and by Christmas I will finish SD. And as soon as I move in the next week and get unpacked, the regular updates on here will resume. Until then, happy reading!