This weekend was a tumultuous one in the world of writing, and today was crazy! 

First today I finished the final chapter of Darkness Calling, the story I have had the deepest love/hate relationship with. I based it off a dream I had when I had just started dating my ex-husband. Writing was slow, and then for 2 years I took a break from it while suffering deep depression after my divorce. My fans hounded me enough that I caved and returned to writing it this past year. Saying goodbye to the characters was tougher than I thought, but I'm glad to be done.

Then I wrote the next chapter for my beloved A Harem Fantasy, my ode to ancient Egypt and polyamory. Oh, hell, and group sex. It felt good to knock out the 2 stories due this week on a Monday, and hopefully the new chapters will be posted soon.

Then I had to start writing a massive article for my copy writing job, researching the history of bondage. Boy, those Assyrians were kinky bastards!

Next I turned to the surprises. Networking is a blessing and a curse. I met an editor for a publishing house 5 years ago when I lived in Oregon and belonged to a writers group there. We've kept in touch and she finally approached me last week to write an erotic romance. Not my favorite genre, but ok, if you don't like something the best thing to do is change it. So I sent off a 10 page summary to her over the weekend and today I got the green light. I have to turn in the first 3 chapters and then I get a contract and an advance, but this also means I have 6 months to knock this sucker out. Mother of Loki, this means I have 3 novels due out in 2012. I'll do my best to not let quality suffer, but goodbye sleep!

Then the good news. CreateSpace, an Amazon partner to aid in self-publishing changed their system after losing customers like me to LuLu (who currently sells my paperback edition of Case Of The Missing Millionaire). They changed their ways! And now their package does include a free IBSN so soon my paperback will be on and available for international purchase/shipping. Unfortunately that meant spending another 6 hours re-formatting my interior to their standard, and redesigning my cover to fit their specs.

Lastly I worked out the conflict for the untitled erotic romance. Now it's time to drop from exhaustion. Remember, networking is the best thing you can do in any job. Never forget, the best opportunities always come in life when time is at a premium.

If you do join a writer's group, try to look for one that is part of a national organization and has regular guest speakers. Never be shy to talk to them, and never foist your work on them. Instead get them to talk about what they like to read and work on. You never know how strong a friendship can grow or what opportunities they can pass your way.

And of course, always have a backup plan when those chances come!