Hello all. 2012 has been a..."dynamic" year. Not a very good one for me, I've had a lot of health issues and set backs. Through it all I've been trying my best, but to ensure that Marly Jackson's next re-worked novel The Violin Case if up to snuff, I am delaying publishing to March 5th, 2013.

However, a project I have been working on will be published at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for eReaders only December 17th, 2012.

It will be Wolf Tales Volume I. There will be a new never-before-published short story about the first pack and what happened to them, and contain Wolf Tales I-III (That's Wolf Tales 1: The Claiming, Wolf Tales II: The Craving, and Wolf Tales III: The Magic) all reworked, fully edited, and expanded. There will also be another bonus never-before-published story of what happened with Dahlia, the wolf you'll remember is Alexia's mother (From Wolf Tales II).

I'll keep you updated on the project, until then, please enjoy Wolf Tales III, click the link above, and be sure to vote. It's in the Literotica Halloween contest, so every vote counts!