The latest chapter of Secret Desires is finally up here. Look for it on literotica soon.


If you feel this awesome you've either figured out how to master serial writing while publishing a book, or you figured out how to mix coke with E


I am super-jazzed tonight. Wolf Tales Volume I is uploaded and just waiting for deployment on Amazon, and the original short stories that are part of it on are down. I had to send a private message to Laurel, the site owner/admin. She took the time to remove them despite a very busy winter holidays contest going on. She is amazing!

I am very happy to be taking a break from working three full time jobs now that WTVI is done. It's just until January when the full-court-press of the next Marly Jackson mystery, The Violin Case begins. Until then I do have the holidays to give me a break from my day job, so soon I'll be down to my one part-time job. Heaven!

I'm very proud of WTVI. My editor Crystal was amazing as well. She's my friend from college, an English teacher, and mother of my first godson. She edited my thesis in exchange for free babysitting and ever since she knows all the mistakes I am prone to and anticipates them. Finding an editor who knows all the rules of grammar and knows your style is invaluable.

My team of critique readers is unparalleled. These three women, Georgia, Heather, and Rachel are amazing. They caught many little typos and also pointed out weak spots unflinchingly. Thanks to them I think the stories are damn near perfect, if I do say so myself. Finding critique readers you can trust to be completely honest is a challenge, but these women are tops. 


Those 4 women each contain as much awesome as this picture...Gary-Busey-Running-Congress'-Annual-Picnic-Awesome.


I think you're going to enjoy WTVI. it's an erotic romance, but a mix of stories. I'm never happy with just one genre, so I hopped around a wee bit.

In The Claiming it's 1979 and we meet Shaylee, Beta of the only werewolf pack. Mysteriously her Alpha sends her to meet a computer hacker & forger, Kyle. The secret of Kyle's she's about to discover will change her world forever, and change the life of every wolf in the pack as their love changes wolf destiny forever.

The Beginning takes us back to prehistoric times when Alpha Jon is a mere human. Seduced on a storming night by a woman with irresistible green eyes, he is changed forever as we meet the original pack and learn a bit more of the origin of wolves.

Literotica fans will recognize The Legacy as the edited and expanded version of The Craving. In it, twenty-six years after The Claiming, we meet Alexia, a young woman with a secret of her own that leads her to young werewolf Lars. Their sudden lust and instant attraction competes with her need to solve the mystery of her origins and introduces us to Dahlia, the prodigal wolf.

The Curse brings us to ancient Ireland, and tells the sad tale of love lost and destiny thwarted. Age-old greed is the only thing that can destroy the pack, and while future Alpha Jon experiences true love he is powerless to save his brethren...but can he save his love?

The Magic returns to modern times and introduces us to the first non-pack werewolf Elizabeth, a spectre haunted by and haunting her lost love Koray. the psychotic killer that separated them centuries ago has returned, reuniting them in a race against time to uncover his identity that will further change the wolf landscape.

Finally The Lost continues in the modern era, introducing us to a non-dominant wolf, Omega Valentina. In a search for her own destiny she is determined to find the one wolf banished from pack life forever. Joining her in the hunt is new wolf Alejandro, but clearly Valentina is his true quarry, and the world will never be the same.


Just for fun, stare at this picture, then read the next paragraph. It gives the subject matter the right level of 'Holy Shit!"ness.


There is mystery, romance, drama, action, and a little horror, something for everyone. It goes on sale December 12th, 2012 for $3.99 USD (In foreign markets it is automatically priced for the current conversion rate to $3.99USD). It's 120,000 words, very long for erotica, but with six stories it's fast paced.

I do hope you enjoy, and also the new Secret Desires. Writing 102 will begin again soon. Until then, happy reading!