Morrigan's Curse is a 11,989 word short story submitted in the Halloween 2011 Contest. The tale of one of Morrigan's warriors, Cillian, and his true love Siobhan begins with their deaths and takes some spooky twists and turns. Set primarily in modern day, on a Halloween night in the world of high fashion, Siobhan has been reincarnated into the body of Kelly, direct decedent of the man who killed Siobhan and Cillian. Cillian, a ghost, is allowed to take corporeal form every Samhain (Halloween) to exact vengeance upon the family line by drawing blood from the eldest Quinn direct descendant in their 30th year. After centuries of "The Curse" haunting her family Kelly fears death, but the erotic dreams goddess Aine has gifted her intrigue Kelly when she meets Cillian at a costume party. He has until sunup to make her love him or else he fades back into the ghost world, but can Kelly forgive the man who is both her erotic fantasy and The Curse she has so long feared? Filled with romance, sex, factoids on Irish traditions and history, and humor, I hope you enjoy it!