I hope everyone had a good holiday. I'll be honest: I did not. I have always and will always hate Thanksgiving with a passion and surviving it is the best I can look forward to. The funny thing is i almost believe I tempted the universe by comparing the family dinner I attend to dubstep: the words/lyrics are stolen, the pace changes randomly, and there's no art to it. Over the last 48 hours dubstep keeps being foisted on me, no matter how much I hate it.

So my mood is a bit dark, actually better suited to Marly Jackson. So I'm shirking my urban-fantasy responsibilities to work on "The Violin Case." It works: my current mood of irritated & angry impotence is perfect for the narrative. Marly has a tough case to work on and is the victim of circumstance in large part, so her frustration and need to evade things as much as resolve them fits my mood perfectly.

I'm glad I follow advice my college creative writing teacher gave me: work on at least four projects at once. They can be the same genre or different, it doesn't matter, so long as they are at different points. You'll find that when anything kicks you off track (the most irritating family holiday you can imagine, for example) at least one of them will be at a point in the story that matches your frame of mind.

I'll keep writing but I do need to break soon. Next week the last chapter of Darkness Calling (my most popular serial erotic story) is due. It's completely written save for the final love scene. When I feel more romantic I'll get to it. That is to say, as soon as I meet a ice, single geek in Chicago who doesn't tell me "I love dubstep!"