Hello there,

First up I hope you've seen the first few chapters of a new epic story A Dangerous Legacy up on literotica.com. It's  a modern day fantasy story featuring my favorite supernaturals, werewolves and witches, but I'm still in the process of writing it and I am hoping dragons will make an appearance. The story follows Anna, a young woman in poverty who learns the long lost mother she's known of but never contacted has died and left her a legacy. To achieve her inheritance she must pass three tests with three gifts of magic and lust, and three tests of intellect and honor. When she does fully inherit her legacy, new dangers arise in a hidden world Anna never dreamed of.

I've been writing ADL as my goof-off story. When I am writing books to be published and stories for literotica, I give myself one goof-off story designed to amuse me and only me. Funnily enough, these often turn out to be my most popular stories.

For those of you curious why the delay in a new chapter of Secret Desires, well I have been awfully busy. As you know, I signed a contract with Red Sage Publishing to publish Hidden Magic in an edited and slightly shorter form, with much of the plot reworked. Editing has not yet begun on that in-house, but to prepare the manuscript for submission I was editing, editing, and then editing again. As you can see in my writing lessons, getting the manuscript to the point you feel is perfect is paramount before submitting. However, expect further editing to come. This is a big part of why writers cannot afford egos, those who keep their ego drink themselves to death. 

I have also been moving. I had to leave my old place as a new landlord wanted to gut and rehab it, and my new place fell through. I am currently couch surfing with friends which is nice, but living out of suitcases sucks. However, I am not sure how long I'll be here. In my night job we are expanding and have investors, so I might be moving to a live/work space. As such I am in limbo for time unknown.

Secret Desires is at a critical spot. Yes, we're at the point where the identity of the Don is revealed, but more than that Shannon has to deal with her issues and accept love and a major life change. That's really hard for me to write right now, and I can't get myself into the mood for it. I try, and write a few lines, but then something else calls to me. I have it all plotted out in an outline so I know what happens, but writing the details is challenging at best. As soon as I know the ETA of the next chapter, I will let you know.

Until then, know ADL is at 73,000 words and 12 chapters as of now. I plan to release one chapter at a time after this first mega-part that's up on literotica now. So that will be updated fairly regularly for the next 12 weeks and I hope to get SD done in the next three weeks. I am also working on a short erotic story for literotica, my current goof-off story, so there's lots in the works.

And of course I am editing The Violin Case to be self-published this year, and the next Wolf Tales needs to be worked on for next year. So in short, over the next twelve months I will self publish two books, publish one through a publisher, relocate my night business, and start two sub-companies one of which is a non-profit. So updates may be spotty but I'll try my best. And I can sleep when I'm dead.