I've had a strange life journey. I'm 31 and not yet ready to write my biography, and frankly if I tried I doubt anyone would believe me. Of the many strange paths I've wandered down, one was studying psychology and earning 3 degrees in it. This might not sound strange, but in proper context with my other various jobs it always surprises people. I extensively studied human sexuality and I'll admit to a vast wealth of personal experience with the subject and so it has suited me as the go-to person for sex advice among friends. 

Where to buy the best cross-dresser clothes, what various discharges mean, how prostitutes keep down their STD rate...I know this and more, and I've heard it all. A friend of mine wants to start a sex advice blog and we're working on it. Current questions/topics include dating for men with penises over 10", introducing a straight man to strap-on play, and how much masturbation is too much for a woman in a committed relationship. I'll let you know when the site goes up but for now if anyone wants to ask an anonymous question you can contact me through my email here.

Beyond that I'm struggling with a title for my erotic romance novel. The basic romantic plot is 1 woman develops a romantic manage a trois with 2 straight men, her high school sweetheart and his best friend. There's a noir-ish mystery plot too: she arrives in her home town to find her missing cousin who ran off with the town mayor after bankrupting the city and stealing property records connected to a land deal. It leads to the mob, drug drops, a long-sought hit  man and most of the action takes place in the Crescent City. 

I jokingly suggested a holding title of "Big Of Me." Normally either titles come to my during the planning stage, or when writing I find a phrase I like, but so far nothing. Here are titles my friends have suggested:

Creole Noir
Down In the Bayou
Jumbo Shrimp Tale (I really hope that was a joke).

I've been toying with a few, but I don't want something too hokey. Sadly I feel the words "Cajun" and "Bayou" get overused. Still, the title is a punchy instant way to attract readers and those words always work. I feel it should give a clue to the genre and plot as well as hook people. Salacious words work! High elements of the style are mystery, the South, danger, passion. what are your suggestions?

Until then I am finishing up the latest chapter of Fey World which I will submit tonight, and it should be live by the end of the week. All questions/comments/suggestions are welcome on any of these issues!