Well, after all the drama of the last month, it's ending on a low note: as a result of losing my day job when I informed my landlord I'd be late with January rent he responded by kicking me out, giving me 30 days notice. That's the downside to renting month-to-month, those assholes can do that.

Perfect. So now I make half what I used to and now need to magically come up with rent and a security deposit plus movers within 30 days. Real great. I'll land on my feet somehow. Don't ask me how, but I will. Some way.

This actually edges the likelihood of moving to California up to 75%. Why? Because it's like running away from home, the adult version. I can't guarantee I'll be any happier out there, but at least I won't be freezing my ass off. That's something.

Sadly so far sales of Wolf Tales Volume I are very poor. I know it was delayed, and ended up being released awfully close to Christmas, but they're way lower than expected. Happens, kiddies, and a writer has to expect that. However I have other projects to cheer me up, and lately I've been working on finishing the we-write of The Violin Case, the second Marly Jackson mystery. I'm kinda nervous, the original 25,000 word short story work was one the higher-rated MJ stories on Literotica.com. It was 4.8/5, pretty damn good for 17,500 views, give or take. what worries me is the new version bears almost no relation to the original. Oh, they're still trying to find a violin, and actually most of the scenes in the original are in the re-write, but dialogue is changed and there are about 50 new characters. To get it up to 90,000 words, those kinds things will happen.

In short the original could fill a 30 minute television episode pretty well but the novel has to be a movie on the long side. Since today is New Year's Eve, to celebrate the end of one era and the start of a new, I'll tell you the new plot in brief, but you won't read the ending:

Michael Finnegan is about to retire from fencing to become a full time producer of pornography. The last job to pave the way is to steal a rare Stradivarius violin from the star of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The buyer is an Italian national continuing a family feud. Finn hires Marly when the drivers who had the stolen violin were shot and murdered, and the violin stolen again.

Marly's first clue leads them to the boyfriend of Finn's personal assistant, now a corpse thanks to a sniper. Their only clue from there is a cell phone number that leads Marly to childhood friend, pimp, and local snitch Alabaster. The name he gives her leads to a man missing and declared legally dead ten years ago who just happens to have the same last name as the violin owner's mistress.

Soon Marly learns there are others after the violin including a former pro boxer and a California PI who runs the same crooked games Marly does, only better. Every clue leads to another possibility and a dead end, and with the clock ticking down Marly learns she must face the Russian mob, the Italian mob, a sniper, a shooter, and her own lust for Finn as the mysterious violin leads to murder after murder revealing a web of lies and betrayals that soon ensnares the Chicago PI.

It may not seem obvious but to flesh it out there's an entire cast of characters added. Many return form Case of the Missing Millionaire and more debut. I'm pretty jazzed about it, but it's going to be very different than the original. Truthfully all the rewrites will be.

I'll post a preview soon. Until then, happy reading, and happy New Year!