Ending a book or series is really hard for an author. I know, whine, whine, whine, why don't I? I know for many aspiring writers writing an end is an almost impossible dream, but once you master that it feels like graduation day every time you do it.

I know, you're asking wha? Bear with me. Remember graduating high school? You were so proud. A new life. College or work, adulthood! But you knew some of your friends you'd never see again, or you'd lose touch and become acquaintances instead. Bittersweet. One world ends and another is born, the cycle of life.

When you're writing, if it is your passion, you lose yourself to the world. The characters, the settings, everything feels real. Last week I finished editing Secret Desires, today I finished A Dangerous Legacy, and next Friday according to my schedule I will finish the first draft of The Violin Case. That's like graduating high school three goddamn times in one month.

Ah well, So one world must die for another to be reborn. I'm consoling myself with planning 2 stories to enter the Literotica.com Halloween Contest and just plotted out the first book of the Something Wicked series, The Longest Midnight.That's the first book of a planned 12 I hope to sell to a legacy publisher, urban fantasies. You can read prequel short stories at Literotica, start with The Forever Ghosts

That one I had originally written under the horrid name 1-800-Vampire only to be rejected by countess agents back in 2001.I still keep the rejection letters in a box. Fie on them, since then the Urban Fantasy market has exploded. I rewrote it in 2005 but got more rejections (too comedic, actually. fuckers, look how well the Betsy Queen of vampires series has done for Mary Janice Davidson. You can have humor in urban fantasy!). Then I started to re-write it with my best friend but timing didn't work and our visions were too divergent. Now with her permission I've taken it back but in the ensuing years I lost the original and the rewrite, so I must do it from scratch. Oh *sarcasm* the horror. 

Now you've been patient, so here's a preview of the final chapter of A Dangerous Legacy. Enjoy!

What can I ever say about killing ten queens and twenty sorcerers? Well, Malachai took care of the sorcerers. Ten lives on my conscience. And the vampires, I must never forget the vampires. They were already there on my conscience, but would come again in the future. I was now a mass murderer. Well, I guessed that meant I was a real queen.

Somewhere along the way I had gone numb, compartmentalized. After breaking down with Malachai, king of sorcerers, once my sworn enemy, now by treaty and deed my friend, I had gone into a new plane of consciousness I had never known I possessed. I had glimpses of it as a child, the ability to escape a painful reality.

But I knew from past experience it would come crashing in on me, and I wanted to fall apart with the men I loved. If I could be reborn in their arms, I could do what came next to secure magic.

At least for the moment I was brimming. My power felt not only exponentially greater, but as if were a factorial of my former store. Malachai shimmered with his own. As horrible as our deeds had been the magic put a strange swing in our step.

We returned to the study in his suite and it was strangely quiet.  “How long until we have to…” I trailed off, vaguely indicating the whole necessary uniting magic literally thing.

He smiled. “Take the night, but we should move quickly. It will take nine months for results.”

I shuddered at that. Children…never a desire, never a worry for me, but now a child was necessary. All I could believe was that when the time came I would face that challenge. Hey, at least I could afford an army of servants for midnight bottle feedings and round the clock diaper changes. Kids had their own charms, but those were not among them.

“Then there’s no time to waste.” I opened to door and froze.

Horus lay on the floor prone and surprisingly pale, the sorcerers and council were nowhere to be seen, but I heard muffled cries from the bedroom. In another the cries, squawks, and squeaks of familiars rang out. In the main room my wolves and Malachai’s dragons were bound together, held by magic, looking drugged and drowsy.

Holding them was Marcus, the second oldest of my council.

“Oh, what fresh hell is this?” I was pissed, my magic simmering with rage. Only Malachai’s hand on my shoulder stopped me.

“Wise, oh worthless king. Make any sudden moves and they all die. I have bonded their life forces to the magic bearers, Horus here powered the spell. You can bring people back from the dead, but you can never get them all, Anna.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Anna, caution here.” As Malachai spoke our magic blended for a second, the feeling intense, arousing, and mega-powerful.

I will cover but you must free your council. We will keep him busy and they must stop Marcus.

There was no time to question his logic, it was a plan. I felt him begin to cover and sent my magic out to the other council members.

“What is it you want?” I asked Marcus, trying to sound bored.

“We read the treaties on your desk, sorcerer. We cannot allow magic to be united! It was never meant to be as one! There must be balance!”

I examined my nails as I began pouring magic into Shin-Zan and Valerius who felt weak, pulses thread. “I don’t know. I was never much a Taoist, I’m more of a Voltaire kind of girl.”

“It was created as two it must remain two! Now you will destroy those treaties and turn from your course or there will be revolts.”

“You and what army?” I asked flippantly. Malachai was the master of the tough guy silent stare.

“Sebastian. Did you think he wanted the wolves freed just for the sake of sugar and spice and all things nice? What a fucking moron! With them free our numbers could multiply faster, and with the dragons crippled the sorcerers would be no match.

“War would allow us to dwindle their numbers down to those we could control!”

“Rule the world, yawn,” I said flippantly. Seriously, after all I had just done to save lives this asshole wanted to slaughter nearly half and then what?

“Exactly,” Marcus growled.

Why did so many bad guys want to monologue? It was great for stalling but I felt the council members in the other room were at full power, so where the hell were they? Behind my back I circled my finger to Malachai, signaling him to keep going with the cover. I turned my attention to Horus who seemed to be hovering awfully close to death.

“So you’re going to what? Rule the world? Subjugate humans?”

The gleam in his eyes told me check and check. “Kenneth will be my puppet, the king of witches. Malachai, if you want to survive you will do as I say.”

“Er, so it seems I’m unnecessary to this whole process.”

Whatever Marcus had begun to say he froze and then smiled the most bone chilling evil smile I had ever seen. “Oh, do not worry overmuch. You will willingly give your magic to Kenneth.”