Unfortunately I wasn't able to resume regular blogging when I thought. My computer issues are all fixed now, but it backed me up on life, and at last I am all caught up.

The muse didn't like being pent up so on 2 separate days I wrote 2 new chapters of A Dangerous Legacy and the first was put up lickety-split on literotica and the second has been submitted. It should go up soon, but until then, here's a preview:

Seconds later magic had brought me to Malachai.

“Sorry!” I turned around fighting a blush. I had popped into his bedroom without thinking, and he had just emerged from the bathroom, naked save a towel around his hips. Normally I could handle it, he was just beefcake on tops of heaps of it in my life, but I thought of our child, and a little voice whispered in my mind <i>it doesn’t have to be in vitro or magic, that could be yours</i> only it couldn’t. I was a queen, he a king, and no two sovereigns could own one another in this day and age. And neither side could fully conquer the other.

“You can turn around now, it’s safe,” he said, a smile in his deep voice.

I turned and he was dressed in another black suit, his grey shirt only making his eyes look more silver. His hair was dry and loose, hanging past his shoulders.  Backed up a step, somehow like this he was almost more threatening to my senses. “I am sorry, but I need to speak with you.”

“More politics?”

“It’s always politics,” I said as I realized it. “Due to who and what we are, it will always be political.”

“That’s tiresome. It would be nice to discuss philosophy with someone who doesn’t feel the need to kowtow to my opinion.”

“Who exactly were the sorcerers that have been killed in the last twelve centuries?”

“Of those whose murders cannot be solved, whose deaths are warded by some mysterious power, all come from two lines. The two oldest besides mine.”

“No kings?”

“I have been king for more centuries than that. No one tried, even when I had a living child. My human descendants have died out, no one would dare try to take my life now.”

“Two lines of sorcerers, one line of witches.”

“I see you’ve been speaking to Leeann,” Malachai sighed and sat on the bed. “She believes that since, when one considers the timing, that the value, the magic of those two lines was as much as yours has been driving her mad. I have tasked her with calculating if those lines have suffered a greater loss of magic than all of the sorcerers.”

I was really starting to like Leeann.

“Malachai, if you know you had to, for the greater good, could you kill a thousand innocent people?”

He motioned to a chair and I sat nervously. “Innocent does not apply to vampires. They were not innocent or guilty, they just simply were. Those who had grown to adulthood, become true blood drinkers, yes, some did not want the humans to know of them, some did not drink of others of magic, but how did we know? How could we guarantee that the good ones, if spared, would go on to make more and ensure they too were good?” He stood and walked over to me, kneeling by my chair.

“Anna, I see no viciousness in you, only duty and passion. You are a good queen, trust that the way you clearly doubt those words proves you are a good queen. A fool would never question themselves.”

Oh, he was close. Damn his hide, he wore cologne that had the faint whiff of chocolate, underscoring the tang of his magic. I shrank back into the chair, terribly uncertain, trying desperately to forget the vision of the future. “Y-you don’t really know me.”

“I know you better than you think.” That was his only warning and he descended. His hands stayed on the arm of the chair, mine too, and it was only our lips that touched.

I could have pulled away, I should have pulled away. But Malachai was, for lack of a better term, the prototypical “bad boy” which was to the female what catnip was to cats.

There was skill and mastery there, but a gentle exploration. Sneaky, seductive bastard that he was, he made it clear he was not forcing me, that he was coaxing but I was a willing participant.

I itched. I dug my nails into the fabric of the chair to keep from sliding my fingers through his hair. I forced my body to still to avoid pulling myself into his arms. But oh, was I tempted. My head swam, and I only knew I wanted more.