Oh, you know you want it. You want to know how it all ends. And I'm gonna give you a preview,but first...I like to tease.


I know, I know, right now you feel like this. c'mon, it's cute!    Credit


It struck me that finishing Fey World is actually the end of a major chapter in my own life. Back in August of 2007 I was in a very different place. I was married, still happily at that time, we'd bought our first house, and just finished installing new appliances, painting, and redoing the floors. I worked a corporate job I'd been growing dissatisfied with, and during the repairs I'd gone on to temporary disability at work (never install your own wood floors...seriously).

I'd always been a writer but for 2 years I'd taken a break to work on my career, get married, and care for my dying father-in-law. Those are three things I don't recommend smashing together because it means no sleep, poor diet, and you never get a second alone to do anything like think, let alone write.

Truthfully you can never write effectively when your life looks like this.    Credit


At work I'd started to goof off and write short, short stories. I wrote Hotel Tryst for a lover (I was a swinger, pretty much nooners were the only way I had to blow off steam) and he suggested I try my hand at writing erotica seriously. This was February 2007, and I was then browsing the site as a reader anonymously.

So then came July and I was on disability, had learned to hire workmen to do the repairs, and I had time. I'd written Ioan Gruffudd for a friend back in college and began to upload it. I'd started Darkness Calling and also other stories, Fey World and Auto Eroticaand uploaded them. I started writing other stories and I remember thinking them this would last forever. Finally I was writing again and my work was being appreciated by others. For someone who'd already had a lawsuit with a publisher and amassed 45 rejection letters, this was heaven.

I wrote then just for pure joy. Things slowed when I went back to work, then stopped when in December of 2007 I was laid off and just 5 days later my now ex-husband left me (pro tip: never try swinging when you're under 50, it always ends the same way. The husband leaves the wife having fallen in love with one of his lovers. Turns out women are better at casual sex then men, who knew?). 

Then again, lucky us, we never have to fake an emotional connection to get laid. Being a chick is awesome.    Credit


Life since then changed and many stories I'd begun I resumed work on, and new ones were born. Now almost 5 years later Fey World was the last of the originals, the last long-form serial novel-length erotic fiction I had to work on.In that time I decided to self publish the first Marly Jackson mystery, worked my ass off, and did so. A new focus was born, but I still had my old one too.

These days I'm focused on my published work and other projects, and I plan in the future just to have short stories on literotica. Last night I ended Fey World. I've spoken before how ending a story is like having your child grow up and leave for college. They're not gone forever, but it will never be the same. I felt that sadness here too, but then shock rolled over me. The 5 year chapter of my life exploring erotica and gaining a fan base for long-form erotica on liiterotica has drawn to a close. Oh, in the future I'm sure I will again, but now I have to focus on publishing works formally, and so the salad days of my writing youth have passed. It's like standing in late August looking back knowing you've passed your final summer.

It really feels like this: where are my friends? How did I get here? Why am I in a panda suit? Where the hell are my pants!?    Credit


So I feel a wee bit bereft now, but it's okay. Surprisingly what saddens me is that the long-form novels on literorica I hope to one day re-work and publish each one, but that feels like saying "I raised my kid well, can't wait to give her away at her wedding." Truthfully this is why so many people never finish their stories. It's hard.

Still, the reader in me knows you can't be happy until it's finished, and so with that I give you a sneak peak at the end, five years in the making. Enjoy!


Our clothes disappeared and I felt Elfgwyven’s hands on my shoulders, aiding and easing things. “Close your eyes and let it come, my sweet.”

I did as he said and I felt strange magic in me. Angoralt was changing, and soon his hand became a rough paw, but his magic was all fey.  Concentrated as Shara had instructed me, and after an eternity I tried to rise, gasping, but I was now on four legs, not two.

I tried to speak as I fell, but it came out a braying yip.

“Anni, you’re beautiful,” Elfgwyven reverently said.

I heard a bark and twisted my head to see a large black wolf standing over me. T was  Angoralt.

“Go now, and run. You need the hunt, a kill. When you are done, return to me, my sweet.”

Angoralt yipped to his brother and nudged me, helping me to rise. I shook and felt my body thickly muscled, covered in fur. Angoralt nipped at my…flank, and then ran. Instinct kicked in and I ran off with him into the woods.

It was magnificent. We ran chased, and sometimes he chased me, other times he ran from me. We tumbled and nipped, played, caught a rabbit and ate it. Sometime in the night we meet up with Shara and her mate and the four of us brought down a stag.

Shara and her mate left us after and Angoralt sniffed overlong at my hind quarters. I turned and nipped, but he dodged and ran away. I chased him and we ran long and hard, skittering to a stop at the temple.

In it Elfgwyven sat shirtless, leaning against a column with one leg dangling down. His pink hair was loose and his blue eyes glittered dangerously.  It was a look I had seen on him rarely and made me shiver.

He hopped down as I came abreast of Angoralt’s dark wolf.

“My brother has shown you the magic of being a wolf. Now I will show you what it means to be the master of beasts.” He raised his hands and magic washed over me.

I felt the change begin but there was no pain. It was like my human self flowed like water over me and soon I stood, naked and human once again. “How?” I asked. Shara and other wolves remained wolves until the moon set and morning broke.

Elfgwyven stalked over to me. “I can command your changes. And his,” he chuckled.

At his look Angoralt sat like heeled dog, panting, tongue out, and glaring at his brother.

“You may be the only creature alive with the nature of three, but never forget you are our queen, our wife, our lover.” His voice was dark as he cupped my cheek, and then he kissed me.