It's a little late in come, this, my version of a eulogy for a hero. It's been a very busy week and the weekend continues to be just that. Thursday night on the bus between dinner with friends and then drinks with friends (and later a date) my best friend called to give me the news. One of my many heroes, Ray Bradbury, had passed.

If you know much about him, you can appreciate how much he would hate this being on a website. Sorry, Ray, I admire you, I worship your story-smithing skills, but though I agree technology can be used to dumb-down the masses, I also love how  it can be used for education and good. That's the main purpose of this blog...and ranting.

Bradbury is most noted for his 1953 opus Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian novel about a future where TV ruled and books were burned by "firemen." When taken as an allegory for the masses depending less on books and more on"infotainment," he was spot-on. He was primarily a writer of fantasy science fiction and horror. I love his books, but his ability to take loosely connected short stories and turn them into a cohesive novel was a rare talent no one surpassed him at, and I aspire to master some day.

If you haven't read his Illustrated Man, Something Wicked This Way Comes, or Fahrenheit 451, you're short-changing yourself. Something Wicked this Way Comes so impressed me I named an entire novel series after it, the books I am co-authoring with my best friend and fellow writer Susan Droste. 

Please do read his works, and then you will understand how we lost a great author so recently.