Secret Desires has been released, and Manic Readers has given it 5 of 5 stars! You can read the full review now.

I have been MIA for quite some time, and I am sorry for that. In short, began working more hours at my day job, going through nightmaric family drama, spending half my free time at home and half with my boyfriend, been experiencing terrible writer's block, and also ran out of ideas for a new blog series now that How to Write and Publish a Novel is completed.

However, a different kind of inspiration has hit me, and I am in the process of researching and preparing to launch a new YouTube channel devoted to writing instruction, trivia, and history. As soon as I have any real information I will let you know.

As of now, I unfortunately have no current information on forthcoming writings as I am taking my time choosing between potential projects from existing ideas.

I will do my best to have something meaty for you before Christmas, but if the holiday madness takes me over, Happy Holidays to you and yours, please stay warm and safe.