For those of you who found me through you're probably familiar with my story on there "Darkness Calling." I have just uploaded the penultimate chapter and am almost done writing the final chapter. After a few years on this I have to admit, I'm glad to be saying goodbye.

The problem with writing serial stories is that it will always, 100% of the time, take longer than you expect. Life happens. In my case with this story I took almost 2 years off due to some major life changes, and once I came back I honestly found it to be dull, boring, and uninspired. I tried my hand at shaking things up, and sure enough, dear readers, you haven't liked the changes. It happens; the hardest part in writing a serial story is that you will begin it in one phase of your lie and by the time you finish it, you'll be someone else entirely.

I'm winding down my other serial stories and once done, I don't plan on posting any more novel-length stories. Novella stories in 4 chapters, no more than 40,000 words long will be my limit.  I'm hoping that this will keep the tone of the stories smoother.

Writing novels is actually easier than serials. Mainly because you go back and edit so many times. If people read the first drafts they would never recognize the finished novel. Since the final edits are done in a short period of time, it keeps the tone easier.

Going forward I still enjoy writing erotica (Goddess knows there's not enough decent erotic writing out there) but my focus will continue shifting to novels.

Lastly, is hosting a contest for its authors, a 600 word short story contest. First prize gets some cash, but most importantly a nook eReader. I'm still an old-fashioned paper book reader, but an eReader would be a great thing to have.

I welcome any suggestions or ideas for the subject of a 600 word short story.