Happy Almost Halloween, kiddees. The title of this post is from something my father used to say. It pissed him off when dynamic stories or movies suddenly ended abruptly with no explanation. He used to chalk it up to lazy, bad writing, rather than an existential commemoration of the protagonist. That's what today feels like for me.

Irony: Tragedy and comedy are the same, but different. Set-Up, expectation, Culmination, Inverse return defines them both. However, tragedy sucks.


The literotica Halloween contest winners were to be announced last night. But the site has been down since yesterday afternoon. I know I won nothing, but I am dying to see who the winners were, and also how my stories placed after the final voting sweeps. But alas, all I hear are digital crickets. Oh, well.

Since the site is down I couldn't upload Chapter 11 of Secret Desires.but fear not, it's up on my site now. Since  it's a huge chapter with a stunning development in plot (and turning point in the sex lives of our protagonists) I really wish I could get it up sooner onto literotica. But, hey, what can you do?


In a better world I could send them a team of highly trained kittens to fix the problem. Reality sucks.


The next lesson in Writing 102 will likely come on All Saints Day, and on All Souls Day I will pot the literotica Halloween entry stories on here. Otherwise I'll be hard at work editing the forthcoming Wolf Tales Volume One. Whenever literotica comes back up, I'll let you know how I did.

Until later, Happy Halloween, happy reading, and good luck writing!