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Pet Peeves

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, In : Writing Advice 
How would the story have gone if Scrooge had a beloved cat? What if Scarlet O'Hara had St. Bernard in the middle of house training? What if Heathcliffe and Catherine had to argue over which one got the beta fish? Yeah, there's a reason why pets aren't very common in novels; they're expensive, time consuming, and little shit factories.


Or sometimes downright shit-your-pants scary, suitable only for Bond villains

 Oh, they are also our best friends, and the unconditional love of...a dog is a bea...

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How To Be Starving Artist 101

Posted by Nora Quick on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 
Ok my pretties, sorry for the delayed posting. I'll fess up: Star Trek Online is my new crack and I've been smokin' it nonstop for almost a week. I'm 39 levels up in just 6 days and I'm only not smokin' it right now because there's a server issue so the game is down. Yup, I'm that kind of geek.

However, I had a planned post mulling around in my head. How can one be a starving artist and not go insane? Look at the great writers, musicians, and artists (most of them) who committed suicide when t...

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Conflict or How to Make Writers Fight

Posted by Nora Quick on Monday, February 6, 2012, In : Writing Advice 
Conflict, conflict, conflict. Just hearing it makes me feel like Marty McFly being called "chicken." Most so-called experts and teachers will try to tell you conflict is everything. Once you write enough, you realize just what it is:

It's a *spoiler* TRAP!

Seriously, some say "conflict is everything." Oh, really? Let's invent time travel and ask the greats that. Seeing people get bitch-slapped by Dickens could become my new favorite hobby. In prose you have important elements: characters, plot,...

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The Art Of Murder

Posted by Nora Quick on Monday, January 30, 2012, In : Writing Advice 
Death is the answer to life, the final summons for the jury-duty of the afterlife. One truth of fiction is the average novel has more death than a battle between clashing ethnic clans in Sub-Saharan Africa. Writers are obsessed with it.

The beauty of doing it creatively is most deaths you create will have as much forethought put into them as only serial killers can execute.

Meet your writing soul mate!

 There are a few keys to stick to when murdering a character. Remember that murder is most oft...

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Top 4 Pitfalls Of Being A Published Author

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, January 28, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 
There are only a few differences between an aspiring writer and a published author, be it through a vanity publisher or under contract. It's mostly disillusionment, twenty pounds lost due to stress, and a haunted look in an author's eyes that clearly says they want to watch the world burn.

It's come to my attention I need to hang out with more writers and artists. I love my friends and family, but most are of the yuppie persuasion. Why can't I get a real job? Why do I take my "hobby" so seriou...
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