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105-3-2A: (Legacy): How To Deal With the Devil

Posted by Nora Quick on Sunday, May 17, 2015, In : Writing 105 - Legacy 

Congratulations! If you made it to this lesson, an agent has requested your full manuscript and sent you an proposed contract. If you haven’t reached the proposed contract (but have had full manuscript requests) give the agent up to three months to send a proposed contract or keep shopping it around.

Now, you have a legal document in your hands. Like all legal document, it’s written in a special kind of bullshit coined “legalese.” It is designed to confuse, obfuscate, and since it was ...

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105-1-2A: (Legacy): Always Play The Raffle, Not The Lottery

Posted by Nora Quick on Friday, February 13, 2015, In : Writing 105 - Legacy 

Finding an agent can seem a daunting prospect, but here is a quick little secret: finding agents is not hard at all. Selecting the right one is the trick. In the past this was much harder. To master this process, you have to understand it, so let’s go over it now.

An agent is the person who represents your business interests in terms of the books you write. They will market it to publishers, help you polish it if it needs, negotiate the contract for you, and help smooth any difficulties you ...

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Writing 103: 1-D There's No Business Like Show Business

Posted by Nora Quick on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, In : Writing 103 
By now in writing your first novel you've completed your first draft and your first edit. It's time for a working vacation! Put your manuscript aside, take a break, but now you need to make some really hard choices.

This difficult choice will also come up often during this step Credit

All along in these writing lessons you've heard my thoughts on traditional publishing. And now self-publishing is bigger than ever. Still, if you want your book in hard copies in stores, you have to go traditional...

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Writing 102: 1-D Seeking a Needle in a Haystack? Use a Magnet!

Posted by Nora Quick on Monday, September 24, 2012, In : Writing 102 

It's no secret the low opinion I have of Literary Agents. Still, they can help you, and we've covered how. If you decide that's the way for you to publish, this will help you. If you're on board with me and want to go self publishing, read on as well. If you're tempted to try Vanity on, read on.


Writers always feel this way when it comes time to publish


Let's keep this short and sweet. When looking for an agent, find one or an agency that doesn't have a #1 NY Times Bestsell...

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Writing 102: 1-B The Wheel Of Fish or The Mystery Box?

Posted by Nora Quick on Sunday, August 19, 2012, In : Writing 102 

Finally, I'm back! The computer rides again, and so I am back with updates, and working on the next Marly Jackson, so stay tuned.

A portrait of me after nearly 2 weeks with no computer


In this modern age there are really only two ways you can publish: The traditional route or self-publishing. It's always been that way, but self-publishing is free and easier than ever now thanks to eBook readers. Choose carefully which path you follow, because that will determine a few things about your novel...

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I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka

Posted by Nora Quick on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 

Let's move to an important life lesson, kids. How can you tell something in the world of writing is a scam? It's easy: do they want money? If yes, IT'S A SCAM. Even if they don't, do they make inflated/exaggerated offers? IT'S A SCAM.

I was trolling facebook today and saw an alleged writer's society had a pot about a contest. No, don't enter it! Can you guess where this is going? No? Really?! You didn't yell IT'S A SCAM!? It's horrifying that a supposed writer's group could be suckered in, as ...

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Curse of the Literary Agents

Posted by Nora Quick on Saturday, April 21, 2012, In : A Writer's Life 
Okay, a quick update as Yola has fucked up my attempted post on literary agents multiple times. So here it is in short:

  • Publishers put out a book that sells well
  • Publishers want more like it
  • Publishers tell editors to find them
  • Literary agents are mostly former editors or copyright lawyers who worked w/ editors/publishers
  • Editors call their friends, literary agents, and say "we want this type of book"
  • Literary agent posts nowhere in ads/website exactly what they are seeking
  • You mail off your manusc...

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