Unfortunately, you can see it's been a month since my last post. Working a seasonal retail job around Christmas pretty much ate up all my time, and frankly time off was spent doing laundry, grocery shopping, and sleeping.

Now things have evened out, and you'd think I'd be hit by the writing bug, but alas, the editing bug got me. I will be uploading the next Fantasy Emporium story to literotica soon, but I am also working on the next Marly Jackson (rather, trying to get started) as my hands as far as romance are tied up until Red Sage releases Secret Desires (TBA 2016). I started re-reading the first MJ mystery, Case of the Missing Millionaire and found a few small errors, so got hit by the editing bug. I edited the paperback as well, fixing an old issue, and decided to turn all my self-published books into books.

Thanks to CreateSpace's printing costs, none are cheap enough that I'd believe any of you would buy them, and it's okay. Truth be told I prefer having a hard copy myself, though I have them all on my Kindle reader app on my phone, it's not the same. It was good exercise and though I eschewed the how-to in my Writing 101 series, I may write a guide as I discovered a method so fast and easy it can be done in an hour (with practice).

I hope you all had safe and happy holidays, and this is my last planned post for 2015. So look for the new literotica story soon, and have a very happy, healthy, and safe new year!